The idea was to write a post about my story, but then I thought it better to focus on something more tangible, given the many, many emails I get from readers who are trying, or have tried, and have failed without ever even seeing a shadow of success online.

Web marketing, in its various facets, represents an excellent opportunity earning, business and can be seen either as an alternative to one's job, as an adjunct to one's business or something to be done completely unrelated to one's main occupation.

Americans, when you want to pursue the first path, define achieving the online success with the aim "quit your 9 to 5 job", i.e., how to leave your office or salaried job (9 to 5, work hours) and fully enjoy the freedom of working from home, or from wherever you want, without having a boss and with full responsibility for yourself, just be able to Managing time and organizing the day.

It is definitely the most ambitious goal, but absolutely feasible.

In my career as lecturer and web marketing consultant I have seen the emergence of many young entrepreneurs who, after my courses, have found the courage to put themselves out there (and in the marketplace) as Web entrepreneurs with their own online business.

Then if you already have a business, whether it is doing well or badly, but in any case you do not want to abandon it, Internet Marketing represents that set of strategies that can help you improve your results to achieve online success: both in direct and indirect economic terms.

I will now explain. With online strategies, if implemented well, you can increase your earnings right away and have a Measurable and quantifiable online success. Right away in this world can also mean within hours. In an indirect way, on the other hand, your business could be positively affected by applying branding or contact capture strategies such that you improve your reputation and find new customers.

Finally there are those who take the more cautious route, and in my opinion the best one if you do anything but work with web marketing in life, trying to start an online business completely unrelated to the 9 to 5 job. In this case it is always about creating something that has nothing to do with your work, but that you enjoy, that stimulates you and that you really feel ownership and participation in.

For example, you have a hobby that you have been practicing for some time and you feel very knowledgeable about the subject. Or it's knowledge you've gained at work, and what is commonplace and obvious to you today is a completely unknown field for someone to explore and learn about.

Potential online success for your business

Any examples?

I want to take you the real world, not the online world, by bringing back situations I have personally experienced: an accountant who gives accounting lessons to students with private lessons at home, when I was in college I took lessons at someone's home like this to further my studies and pass exams.

Again: a friend of mine went for several months to a lady's house who, having gathered a number of people, was holding a course in decoupage and the like...

Finally, my piano teacher, he was (and is) someone who plays around clubs, and he uses his passion and what he does every day, to supplement it, with private lessons.

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Examples of successful online businesses

If these people, 20 years ago as today, knew that with web marketing they can not only earn more money, but help many more people, offer better service and all in all, work even a little less, I am sure, I am absolutely sure, that they would create their own product info.

Another huge benefit of creating your own successful product info is what comes next. People seek you out, they consider you when you send them an e-mail, they come to you if you give a talk, they buy your subsequent products, and they ask you for advice or, better yet, consultation.

At this point, what started as a way to supplement your salary, or maybe even just a game or a bet with yourself, has become something more. It became a new job, which you do when you want and from where you want, following your own pace and needs.

Here the accountant can create his own classes of students, work with less stress and at home, earning twice as much. The musician can now afford to pay his home expenses without much worry, freeing himself from worries and having more time to devote to his studio and band. The housewife, an expert in decoupage, decided to write a blog, which later became a book and also went on TV.



  1. You need to know, before you even set out to create your product, whether it will have an audience and customers.
  2. You need to know how to create it.
  3. You need to know how to promote it.
  4. You need to know how monetize it And how to find more clients, perhaps with counseling.

That's why I wrote another article, which is very comprehensive, that might give you some very good pointers on how to monetize your brand, succeed online and start a lucrative career with web marketing and launching your online business.

Then if you want to read something interesting, I recommend this book: Digital Deep Marketing Of my friend Francesco Galvani.

Book series for online success

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