The Info-Business niche is very competitive, but not in the sense that you might think.

It is not saturated with trainers.
It is not saturated with products.
There is no shortage of customers, in fact there are tons of them.

"So where's the problem?" You may ask.

It has become competitive because the public now knows how to choose carefully and carefully, making a fine distinction between PROFESSIONALS e RUNAWAYS.

You see the problem with this business is only one: it is all too easy to get in and be a part of it.

You just have 3 skills in the cross, say you're good and cool, make a video, put up 2 pages with ClickFunnels and start selling.

€47 investment and you're in business.

The problem is how you are there, and how you are perceived.

Fortunately, people, in the fury of seeing the one by the pool and the other in the penthouse or villa rented only for on the occasion of the sales video, have begun to ask themselves more important questions and, appearances aside, have taken to evaluating the context, methods, and tools used by the seller on duty.

Usually those who are improvising in this business, boasting about results they don't really have or worse trying to foist on you the sòla on duty, you catch it on the fly when some of these conditions occur:

1) The sales videos are on Youtube, and not on a professional platform like Vimeo or Wistia.

2) There are no videos in which the seller appears in person, only slides with a voice-over. Nothing wrong with doing that, but if you don't even show up in a frame or post a single photo--something is wrong.

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3) Pages are rich in animations or graphics super charge that has the sole purpose of capturing your attention and making you look away from what is not meant to be seen.

4) The testimonials are fake or do not carry any information that would allow you to track and verify them, e.g. they only publish their first name, use photos downloaded from the web instead of the real profile, etc...

5) The account to pay is a non-business or unverified Paypal (you are told at the time of purchase), so you are giving your money to...?

6) Write Everything In Capital, Whatever You're Saying, Because That's How Cool It Is.... while it means only one thing: you don't know Italian and you are aping American marketers who have different reasons than you do for writing that way. Reasons unknown to you and that have nothing to do with your culture and business. I get goosebumps reading certain texts.

7) There are no links to the privacy policy, terms and conditions page, missing information about the company, VAT number, and no physical addresses are given... or if there is anything it is all fake, the result of a copy/paste taken from some other site or not verifiable at all.

8) Claims, i.e., assertions, are always super egregious and promises are made such as. "if you finally want to create your own automatic annuities without working." or "stop being fooled by GURUs." or even "what they never told you because they don't want you to succeed."... In short, we understand each other.

9) All kinds of references to others, disparagement of the market (in which despite everything they operate), more or less direct allusions to competitors. All runaway tactics to try to leverage the dystonic perceptions you have of the market, and take advantage of them.

10) When they use any kind of fear or painful psychological leverage to trap you. It works, but it is very sneaky.

Now it's not that if you find someone who has videos on YouTube or points out that "you are too fat you will die of a heart attack." or that "if you do not manage your taxation well, you will not survive the Internal Revenue Service.", it means he is a cheater. I know very good professionals who use this or that persuasion strategy, this or that Web marketing tool.

But if you start seeing too many of them, all at once, I would ask a few questions.

When the suit does not make the man, but the instrument does.

A great way to avoid ending up on the pillory or being shunned outright by discerning clients is to have an image consonant with what you promise and tools to match the results you say you have achieved.

There are an avalanche of useful platforms around, and each of them has a cost that you need to consider carefully.

I'll make you a list with some prices:

- VIDEO: Wistia or Vimeo €40 / month or €480 / year

- SYSTEM FOR ONLINE COURSES or MEMBERSHIP: any decent WP plugin €49 / month or €588 / year

- LANDING PAGE: ClickFunnels €67 / month or €804 / year

- EMAIL MARKETING AUTORESPONDER: the most lame costs you at least €20 / month or €240 / year

- WEBSITE + BLOG: between hosting and various hustles are at least €30 / month or €360 / year

- TROLLEY AND MEMBERSHIPS: PayKickstart or SamCart €99 / month or €1188 / year

- AUTOMATIONS: Zapier the lowest plan costs you €15 / month or €180 / year

That's a total of €3,840 considering low-traffic plans and not including other things like quizzes, surveys, etc...

That is why my business is almost all on one professional platform with unquestionable qualities: KAJABI.

I say almost everything because I am waiting for the conclusion of annual contracts that I had already signed and paid for, to Permanently migrate all my business to Kajabi.

Kajabi offers all this, and much more, in a single solution.

Thanks to Kajabi you can send emails, create online courses, paid or free memberships, do hosting of your videos, create funnels, landing pages, manage payment systems, have an affiliate program, a blog, a website, automations and much more.

Now Kajabi is about to raise its prices, and this is the best time to lock them in.

You can do this in two ways, by purchasing the plan you prefer now or by activating a TRIAL, a trial period, right away.

In each case you will be able to lock in the price at the current list for future renewals as well, and pay you can save yourself an avalanche of money that you would instead spend with the platforms you are already using or plan to use.

Being official partner of Kajabi you will be able, once you activate a paid plan through the link in this email, to access my training course on using this fantastic platform, at no cost.

UPDATE: I have written an article by FAQ on Kajabi, read it maybe you will find the answers to the questions you have been waiting for!

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