You have a business, you are a professional, a consultant, a coach, a marketer.

How to run your business if you are in a red zone?

What can you do if you cannot move?

Today I want to bring you back here an excerpt from my weekly group coaching call that I have with my Mastermind Titanium members.

Below is the automatic transcription [perhaps inaccurate but helpful].

For those who do mixed activities or otherwise activities where it is not doubly necessary essential to move, you have to use technology in this case all the events we had asked for. A couple of events in Milan cancelled immediately and 'another mid April at Bicocca University A lecture eh boh. Who knows if it will still be there we will know and not however those who have it example fight Klinkon we had organized first for the tenth and then for the seventeenth March skipped the one with we had with marco Montemagno fourteenth skipped So what do you do? Walter moved right away.

For example, it's from dal starts with a series of webinars one a day where he does the event online. Let do one hour of content interview each time with a different guest. I will be there on Saturday one week and I don't know however very interesting, so you do the same thing as well. I for example am doing counseling. I am losing clients in counseling without ever leaving home from the studio, without ever moving, using Zoom messaging on WhatsApp sending emails using the usual tools I am working if you need to work one on one with people,

do it with a jungle where Zoom even free for forty-minute meetings. Okay, if you want to take payment it is still quite affordable.

We are on fifteen euros a month. If I'm not mistaken it's absolutely free. Does it record the Skype video call or so you can do these things?

Start moving to not wait until it is too late. I was just saying that, no, when you cannot create the product remotely.

That is, you cannot sell something by Skype jointly by other methods. We use this time not to be on Netflix,

But to do something else. That is, we use the time we would have spent doing the business activities in person,

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To do other things, so example to do branding. So Luca De Luzio who can't do the concerts because the concerts I think are kaputt right now knows that.

Harmful. I hope in name, however what what should Luca do? In my opinion I would lose out in front of the camera,

I would play five-minute pieces, I would do twenty a day, a five-minute day I would not say the web of from here,

or I would put in guitar lessons, even though Lucas hates taking guitar lessons. But maybe something I want to say keep them active and attract people with your skills.

Don't let yourself be abandoned. I am writing a book. Better a report on my whole experience of these weeks,

that then writing comes to mind all my two and a half years of experience as a senior consultant that I did seven eight years ago in a large company in parallel with the business that I already have and now writing this book on the experience of acquiring qualified consulting clients.

I'm also remembering all the things I used to do seven eight years ago, so it's becoming something nice to read.

That takes time away from me, but all that time that maybe I don't have to go to events, to do those things that I am unable to do right now.

I'm also doing the whole site is fortunately for me Riccardo who is working like crazy back there,

but we're working really hard to fill in all those gaps, the white spaces that come up due to force majeure and had to do the same thing.

You also blog writes on social because you don't write crap on the corona, you write your own content your own do account Germans,

not that is, you take into account that you are two thousand miles away and so you can't meet clients in person or attend events and you can see what I know.

You are in a small town in Louisiana, United States of twenty thousand people you have a one-month Internet connection,

so you produce content, you do things that come back then useful, maybe not immediately in the immediate term, but then you have the benefit as soon as the crisis passes,

So the neck sells better. Hi everyone. I am producing content almost full time and welcome for the newsletter,

cleaning up the archive a little bit by also doing just one of the list to send back newsletters and then audio video or calendared about from four and five posts a day on all platforms and created two hundred and sixty posts to make big long so you make it in assembly line time because you're his ass to do at the end you do it four hours a day.

You also become very fast, even just as a key combination to calmly speed up to certain operations. And you see I'm traveling now with an increase in the contacts of the page fans exceed two hundred a day of new ones.

So it works, it works strategy absolutely works. Then in the meantime you see that there is a descent, then maybe that I changed the creativity or I put a video that reported and also as the engagement goes up the costs go down because if we saw together on the whole analysis it has to be done in four days.

Then no, now what a father or one of the places that goes on now for a week to a penny to that the chip and a penny children so also considered this other,

aspect that is very important with this between those who are forced to those who are afraid they all stay inside the house, attached to the computer,

to the cell phone, so they consume content at a monstrous speed, that is, the consumption of online content has accelerated so much in these weeks if you have content to show to do you benefit from it you get busy because if you don't you also get a little oppressed by the situation and it's not good at all.

So work, work hard on this content if you can't sell right now do do branding, so made sure that if there are no fans and they are there are offers that you can launch right now.

If they are not there because you are prevented by the situation, otherwise the agreement that if you sell something online digitally that does not require moving people that does not require physical presence you launch,

launch, launch, launch emails are more in front of facebook, just in front of the computer, so there are more chances that you can really get good results.

Guys, I mean don't get into Netflix if you're used to working with people on contact, people on dating,

to do twenty and now you are incapacitated, don't go on vacation, that is, focus on content creation, focus on whatever you can think of to do.

That is, Luca Di Luzio made is making videos, made two hundred and fifty posts created these days is doing everything more even the others.

So in short, get busy, because it's time that's not wasted, and we can also create an impact in other people's lives with our content that now then you are.

So I don't know, I mean a web consumption from the people you're staying at home that to monstrous so let's get right exact then,

Exactly. that you have seen that people are moving, those who don't give up to those who don't give up get busy.

We must make the most of all the time we have on this earth to do all we can.

You don't go on vacation if there are difficulties. For example, with Alex we were talking just before you all arrived about the fact that the facilities that he has as clients obviously don't have more clients because they are tourist facilities,

So you have to come up with something, you have to move and you absolutely must not give up. Absolutely, absolutely. Okay.

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