A few days ago (from September 24 to be exact) is for sale on Amazon (both .it and .com) my book: Web Marketing Selling Online at Zero Cost, where I explain step by step, a strategy based entirely on free network tools and products.

By following my directions anyone can, in less than 1 hour, set up the own online business and sell a physical product, a Digital product (courses, videos, mp3, pdf...) o services e consultations, automatically and build a list of potential clients on which to make re-marketing at a later date.

The idea that prompted me to write "Web Marketing Selling Online at Zero Cost" (the first in a long series) came about as a result of the many meetings I had with people driven by entrepreneurial spirit, with a desire to do, But with zero resources.

Not only that.

The goal is to train the reader, conveying the basics of Web Marketing (sales pages, landing pages, conversions) and guiding him closely through my teaching technique over my shoulders, in the use of the web tools used, even if they have no experience or knowledge of websites, graphics, much less online marketing.

You can purchase the my book on Amazon.co.uk, at this the LINK.

If you want to then, post a (hopefully positive) review on Amazon. Do this after you have downloaded and read the ebook. In the meantime, if you want to get some more info, find a dedicated page and the possibility to subscribe to a mailing list related to my publishing releases that will follow here, at Valerio.co.uk.


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