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You need the right tools to work well. On this page you will find definitions and links to the best web marketing tools available today.

Landing Pages

These are the landing pages, that is, the web pages on which to direct your visitors and convert (get them to do something) specific.

Sales Pages

These are the web pages dedicated to selling a product or service, and they have the characteristic of being optimized only for this purpose.


These are the useful contacts, subscribed to your mailing list, Who follow you and enjoy your content. They are also your potential customers.

Web marketing tools for creators


These are the recurring subscriptions you offer your customers in exchange for content, information, products or services.


It is the path you take your leads, taking them from mere leads to customers, through a series of content distributed on landing pages, sales pages and consecutive sales.


This is the action a simple visitor takes when they register or subscribe to your mailing list, leaving their contact information.

Kajabi: the ultimate web marketing platform

Kajabi makes it easy to turn your expertise into something you can sell. It is the best all-in-one web marketing platform with everything you need to create, distribute and sell digital products from a single dashboard.

Online courses and membership

Quickly create online courses or membership by uploading text, documents, audio and video without worrying about the technical part.

Landing pages and funnels

You can create stupendous and effective landing pages easily with an intuitive interface, and easily link them into sales funnels.

Payments and CRM

Easily manage all payment types (fixed, recurring and installment subscriptions) without extra fees, plus manage all contacts and customers in CRM.

Email marketing

You can create and send newsletters, automatic e-mails and premium (paid) newsletters, easily and without having technical skills.

Kajabi the best all-in-one web marketing tool

The marketplace of web marketing tools

There is a unique place in the world that brings together the best of start-ups and digital platforms for web marketing, it's called AppSumo and it has the huge advantage of offering you amazing tools at LIFE TIME prices (you only pay once in a lifetime). You can't ignore it!

Every DEAL on AppSumo enjoys a 60-day, money back guarantee. You can get real bargains here!

You will never need Photoshop again

Among the indispensable platforms Canva is the one that occupies a prominent place because it solves a fundamental problem: graphics.

Thanks to Canva, you don't have to have software like Photoshop and most importantly, you don't have to learn how to use it.

Canva offers a fantastic free account, but if you want to get the most out of this platform, I suggest you buy a PRO account for less than €200 per year, and you'll get more tools and especially more professional templates and graphic objects.

Other digital platforms and apps for web marketing

I'm an inveterate geek, trying all the digital platforms and online tools that pass me by, and in 20 years I've seen a lot... Here you'll find my personal selection of the best web marketing tools. If you can't find what you're looking for, send me a message And tell me what you need.

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