If you want to promote your business online, strengthen your reputation, attract new customers or retain those you already have, content marketing is not an option, but a necessity.

For social media marketing strategies, Facebook plays a key role in increasing the visibility and the popularity of a company and its use is easy and inexpensive (in some cases almost free).

In this article we will see what actions you need to take on Facebook to improve your content marketing results.

1. Social Media Marketing: going beyond "likes"

Our audience reads and shares our content, and securing an audience that is genuinely interested in the content on your page is crucial: after all, quality content is important, but it has Little value if no one sees them.

Collecting a large number of "likes" is not and should not be the only goal: for content marketing to be successful, it is necessary to make sure that the audience is interested in what we publish and that interact With our content.

2. Post pictures and videos

The average reader's attention span is only a few seconds, so it is crucial to capture it: you know, a picture is worth a thousand words, so posting photos-and especially videos-is an effective tool to get the reader to dwell on our post.

As already described in the article "Facebook Videos", videos have seen exponential growth on Facebook due to users themselves giving greater preference (or "like") to videos on the timeline.

3. Share blog articles on your own Facebook page

Having a blog and keeping it constantly updated allows us to increase visits to our website... but only if it is easy to find! And that's where Facebook comes in.

Facebook is the perfect platform for promoting our content because it guarantees us a minimum number of clicks (linked to the immediacy of viewing by our audience), which will potentially increase as a result of likes or shares.

It is important to accompany the posts with a short catchy description that entices readers to click on the content; also, it is advisable to publish posts more than once, perhaps in different time slots, and evaluate which one receives a greater response.

Content Marketing

One example of a post created specifically for the page, and one extrapolated from the blog. Despite my proverbial dyslexic errors, almost 1000 likes and 85 shares on the former, and +350 likes and 12 shares on the latter.

4. Testing your content marketing

Through Facebook, it is possible to test our content based on the response we receive after our articles are published. There are mainly two ways to do this:

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1. Evaluate the response to published posts: the articles that receive the most attention will let us know what topics our readers are most interested in and what we should focus on in the future, and at what times there is the most visibility or response.

2. Keeping an eye on reactions to one's statuses. and what questions or topics consistently arise will allow us to create targeted content that, in return, will subsequently receive a greater response.

Insights for content marketing

My peak is at 9 p.m. although there is some constancy from 11 a.m. until 11 p.m.

Usage statistics

Audience insights give us very useful information about the demographics of those who follow us.

5. Content Marketing: Insights help

Insights for Pages e Audience Insights are statistics services provided by Facebook that allow us to analyze the interactions between our audience and our page, which are essential for understanding how our web marketing strategy is progressing.

Both of these KPIs allow us to gain insight into different details of our audience:

  • Insights for Pages: allows you to see which content performed better than others (and in which time slot), through a simple and intuitive layout.
  • Audience Insights: offers an overview of a wide variety of information related to our audience, from gender, age, and background to interests and average salary.

At this point we can base our content marketing strategy on creating content specifically designed for the audience that already follows us or whether to focus on the slice of the audience that eludes us.

6. Web marketing tools for social media marketing

There are several tools we can use to simplify the creation and scheduling of posts. The ones I use are basically three:

Klout which, in addition to measuring my degree of influence on the audience, provides me with a range of first-rate content (in English) that I can, with one click, share on my social channels. 

UPDATE: Klout has closed!
Try SKORR: https://skorr.social/

Buffer which offers a great function for scheduling posts on different social media, allowing me to post without difficulty where I want to post.

Social Kickstart which encompasses in a single platform what Klout and Buffer do, namely offer content to share (including in Italian) and plan the editorial plan.

Understanding our audience and creating "tailored" communication is the key to successful content marketing, and Facebook is one of the most important platforms that allows us to do this; it's up to us to figure out how we can best use it and leverage it to our advantage.


Tell me here in the comments what you do, what results you get, what you would like to do and what prevents you from doing it, and if you have any questions, don't hesitate.

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