Creating and selling customized business gadgets is a long-term branding and communication strategy that can really make a difference-here's everything you need to know.

In thelast article I've talked to you about how brand awareness is essential to the success of your business: yeah, because if your audience doesn't even know you exist or doesn't remember you, how can they choose you?

The branding is among the most important marketing tools for communicating who you are and what you do (I also say this in this article on brand positioning): a good brand leaves an imprint in customers' minds, giving them something memorable and familiar to think about when they are looking for the best supplier.

The goal of every brand should therefore be to become Top of Mind for their target audience.

As you say, do you think you are already doing everything you need to do, but with poor results?

Here I am, here to help you out! Would you like to turn your promotional strategies around and come up with something new and effective?

Among the various modes you have at your disposal, there is one in particular that I think deserves attention: The creation and sale of branded products. It's about making gadgets with your name, slogan or logo available to your audience (in this regard, I mentioned here Of the importance of graphics), selling them through an e-commerce.

However, I want to make one thing clear right away: I am not suggesting that you do this for the sole purpose of making money; the idea behind it is to strengthen your brand by getting physically In your clients' homes.

Just imagine: every time a person uses a pen with your brand name even to make a shopping list, automatically their mind will bring it back to you. And maybe, that's the good time they decide to repurchase one of your products or seek your advice again.

It is something different from the strategies of web marketing: in which case you are dealing with an offline activity, which certainly involves practical and targeted actions, as well as a certain amount of cost, but which can give you enormous satisfaction.

In a world as intangible as the digital world in which we are totally immersed every day, it is a bit like telling people "Hey, I exist for real and you can touch me!"

Doesn't that sound great?

Well, continue reading the article-you will find out in detail how to use personalized business gadgets, what such a strategy consists of and all the benefits it can offer you. 

Why personalized corporate gadgets?

You know, nowadays, the business world is super competitive. New brands are popping up like mushrooms, all magically posing as gurus in a new field (especially online), and so it is increasingly difficult not only to stand out, but also to be remembered.

personalized corporate gadgets

One always has to find different and creative ways to stand out and stay in the public's mind, through advertising operations that are more or less classic and vary according to one's needs. In a way where the Internet reigns supreme and most marketing takes place on the Web, here then are offline promotional activities that take on a certain appeal, despite seeming more traditional.

It's about leaving a real footprint: and what could be better than something tangible and lasting?

A personalized gadget can make all the difference in the world: it makes digital relationships less cold, establishes brand identity and increases brand awareness, with an amazing return in terms of image and sales performance. 

What makes the difference is precisely customization, so the ability to create a unique product that stands out from the crowd.

Which products to choose

It is obvious that the choice of personalized business gadgets, on which to apply one's brand, should not be casual or taken lightly. It is important that there is always a proper marketing study behind it.

What most represents the brand image? What do you want to communicate to the customer? Most importantly, what can you propose that won't be put inside a drawer and forgotten? 

So here are some basic criteria to follow to create unique and effective personalized business gadgets.

First, the creativity: try to figure out what might be an innovative, everyday-use item that catches people's attention.

Then, the consistency With the corporate message. Customizable products are important precisely because they send a message: therefore, they must follow the corporate mission by reporting back to what you produce and the services you offer. The shape, color, material, and product category are all aspects to consider.

Finally, utility e quality: avoid knick-knacks, aim instead for a useful item that can be used daily and is made with care. If you offer people defective, useless, or low-quality merchandise, they are likely to throw it in the trash.

Caps, T-shirts, pens, water bottles, prints and posters... Remember that whatever it is, it will have to elicit positive feelings from the person using it thinking about your brand - and if it is also a trend-setting item in the meantime, even better 😉

All the benefits Of personalized corporate gadgets

So let's look at the main benefits of selling branded products-why you should seriously consider incorporating them into your marketing strategy.

#1 They talk about you

We said it right away: personalized business gadgets are fantastic for increasing your brand awareness among your audience and customers. They give your brand a way to be visible and establish itself more easily: since it is present in a person's life daily and subconsciously, at the moment of purchase it is recognized and noticed before others. A real emotional connection is established.

#2 They maximize exposure

The interesting thing is that it is not only the people who use your gadget who will see your logo, but also anyone who comes into contact with it: think of the case when the item in question is lent to someone else. Automatically your brand will then circulate even among those who do not know you, giving you the opportunity to maximize your exposure without too much effort.

#3 Set you apart from the competition

In an increasingly digitized world, personalized business gadgets help create a tangible connection with the people you target and, as a result, set you apart from the mass of competitors who only bombard them with online content. It's a way to convey concreteness and a broader corporate vision than you can convey through the Web through daily interaction between you and your target audience.

#4 Sales increase

Many studies have found that a large percentage of recipients of promotional products are more likely to remember a company's name and that those who receive them generally tend to return sooner and more frequently.

#5 They are convenient

Compared to alternative forms of advertising, personalized business gadgets have the advantage of costing little compared to the expected return on investment.

#6 Consolidate relationships (and reduce distance)

Personalized business gadgets create a real connection with your audience and establish a relationship that can be nurtured and developed. They allow people to feel closer to you and your reality because they appeal to all 5 senses, offering something they can see, touch and experience. This reduces the distance between you and this can only stimulate their predisposition toward buying your offering.

PS. Company gadgets can also prove useful in strengthening the relationship with your employees and be part of the actions put in place to motivate and engage them.

personalized corporate gadgets

#7 They communicate value

Such a strategy conveys an idea of professionalism and organization, enhancing the corporate image. It is obvious, however, as we said earlier, that whatever you propose should be made of quality materials and be useful. In other words, it must provide real value to the user who receives it, thus possessing a purpose that can be said to be practical.

#8 They have a long-term effect

Branded products can stay in the consumer's mind much longer than you might imagine. In one study, it was found that people remember a brand name even years after using a promotional product with that company's logo.

#9 They are always welcome and do not annoy

Unlike advertising, which constantly interrupts our attention, gadgetry can be considered a harmless and non-annoying form of promotion; a pen, an agenda or a calendar are items that we find in every home and certainly do not disturb our daily routine, don't you think?


No matter what items you choose to personalize and sell, the main purpose is to prompt the recipient to better relate to your brand through increased engagement associated with positive, tangible interaction with your business.

Of course, it is important to choose the right products, customize them optimally, and know how best to use them for promotion. Take the time to learn what your target market needs and provide them with something consistent with your business that will add benefit and value to their daily lives.

I am sure you will make a difference!

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Photo by Mike Petrucci on Unsplash

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