Affiliate marketing how does it work? To get results through you must earn your audience's trust and offer them links to valuable products or services. Here are 5 strategies that can help you, along with a few tips, succeed.

Nello last article I introduced you to the concept of affiliate marketing, explaining what it is and how it works. I also told you about the benefits you can have when you decide to promote a brand by putting a link on your site or social page.

It's a great way to supplement your income and potentially earn even full-time income by dispensing recommendations and advice. In all of this, the key is to be able to build a valid connection between your audience and the products or services they need. 

The point is to ask yourself how you can help people: the real reason affiliate marketing works, in fact, is that people like to be counseled; they often need help evaluating all the buying options available to them.

They look for someone to act as a filter for them, finding the best products so they can save time and get what they want faster.

And if addressing them is a expert they trust and whose opinion is relevant, then that's it.

Very good!

How, however, can you as an affiliate attract their attention and gain credibility in their eyes?

In this article, here are. 5 affiliate marketing strategies that work And that you can apply right away.

5 affiliate marketing strategies to earn more money

There are a lot of tactics you can use to promote online the products of the brand you are affiliated with.

Here is a list of the best ones.

#1 Create an "epic" post.

What do I mean by that? I mean a unique description for that particular product: not just a review, but a complete introduction, with instructions, frequently asked questions, best practices, and troubleshooting resources for anyone who buys it. An article to put on your blog that stands out from all the others.

If you can offer so much detailed information to your audience, they are more likely to be enticed to purchase.

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At the same time, such a post becomes an extremely shareable article and you can also play the SEO card, to rank high in Google search results.

#2 Create more Youtube videos about the product

YouTube is a crazy platform that you can leverage to get a lot of traffic: make sure the videos you submit are embedded, for example, in an article on your blog and include your affiliate link in the description (ideally in the first part, so people don't have to click "show more" to see it).

How should you make these videos? My advice is to make a single recording and then divide it into several parts or blocks. People usually appreciate shorter videos.

What should you talk about? If it's a digital product, you can start from the moment of purchase and guide people through the entire process of using it. If you're promoting a physical product, however, the alternative is an unboxing video (which, by the way, is super popular).

#3 Make a gift

I believe this method is one of the most powerful for enticing people to click on your link.

In essence, in addition to simply promoting the affiliate product, describing its merits and benefits, you can offer a bonus to everyone who will purchase it through your link.

What kind?

It could be, for example, the classic discount code on that specific offer.

But not only that, it could be another product or service that complements it or a coupon on another product that you sell or have other connections with.

For example, a PDF quick-start guide with instructions and best practices, or participation in a special webinar that shows people how to use it in a question-and-answer session.

You can also propose a giveaway, in agreement with the brand owner.

The idea is to add value to the purchase by making people feel comfortable and helping those in need move from "I'm not sure this is right for me" to "This is exactly what I need."

#4 Leverage your email contacts

Your mailing list is an integral part of any affiliate marketing campaign, and if you don't have one, you definitely need to start building it!

You have two options: either promote the products directly by including the affiliate links in the message text, or have the emails link back to other content, such as on your blog, that contains the links.

Be sure not to be too "aggressive": always remember that your goal should be to provide value to your target audience-while the sale then comes as a consequence.

Focus on sharing quality content so that you earn the trust of your audience.

Ps. To learn more about theemail marketing, read here MY ARTICLE!

#5 Use social networks

Perhaps the most obvious, but as always effective.

For one thing, it is important that you remember one key thing: people are on social for reasons other than to shop.

At the same time, however, it is also true that they often look forward to being informed and updated on new products or services recommended by various influencers.

So why not take advantage of this virtual marketplace to promote your favorite offerings?

By the way, you have a lot of tools at your disposal: just think of Instagram, with reels and stories.

Again, as with email, instead of showing your affiliate link directly, you can make links to valuable content that includes them (articles, videos, etc.). The goal is to engage and intrigue your audience so they are more likely to buy from you.

Tips for success in affiliate marketing

Very well: now that I've given you a few tips on how to do affiliate marketing effectively, I also want to leave you with a few tips to make sure your efforts actually pay off.

Here they are.

#Create your niche

As with any other marketing strategy, it works the moment you target a defined audience with specific interests-this allows you to tailor your affiliate campaigns and increase the likelihood of conversion. Focus on reviewing products and services that fall within your niche. Then, leveraging the relationship you have created with your audience and your position as an expert, explain to your target audience why they would benefit from buying the product or service you are promoting.

#M Put your face on it

There are plenty of products to promote: choose those that you personally believe in, that you have tested, whose brands you know and trust first. If you propose quality offerings, your users will surely appreciate them.

Also because, no matter how good your marketing skills are: you will still make less money with a poor product than with a valuable one. Make sure you get to know the vendor thoroughly before you collaborate. Your time is worth a lot, and you want to make sure you're spending it on a profitable product and a brand you can believe in.

#Use several sources

Don't focus your efforts on a single channel: instead of relying, for example, solely and exclusively on an email campaign, also spend time creating valuable content on your blog or reaching out to your audience on social media. It is important that you have virtual spaces that are attractive in themselves in which to place your affiliate links.

Try multiple marketing strategies to see which one gets the greatest response from people-there you will know that your links are likely to achieve greater success.

#OWatch out for trends

Of course, competition is also fierce in affiliate marketing-that's why you need to stay on top of new trends to make sure you are competitive. Not only that: always be curious and creative, experiment and find alternative ways and means so that your conversion rates, and therefore your revenue, are as high as possible.


Okay, now that you have a few more pointers for jumping into affiliate marketing, I want as always to leave you with a thought that could be very useful (if not essential) for you.

So I ask you, why should people buy someone else's product through you instead of going directly to the source?

Of reasons there may be several, but the main one is only one: because they consider you a expert In that niche.

If you know me, you know that I often talk about authority: a quality that you are recognized by others and for which you are considered a benchmark in a particular field, because of the results you have achieved and the goals you have accomplished.

Here again, if you want people to click on your affiliate links, you must have already earned their respect and trust: they must use your link because they know it will surely lead them to something good!

So work across the board to define your identity as an expert: always provide a consistent value, so that people will be more likely to buy the products you recommend.

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