Did you know that your LinkedIn profile is visible on Google?
But the news doesn't end there, in fact your updates will also be public, so you can exponentially increase your visibility as a professional or company.

There is a "but."

Have you looked at which photo you chose for your LinkedIn profile?
If you put the driver's license photo then "Houston, we had a problem!".

Here are 5 tips for taking the best Linkedin profile picture.

  1. If you don't have a picture, enter it now, this is because the lack or wrong type will cause your credibility to skyrocket or plummet into the stables.
    A profile with a photo (done well) is clicked on up to 7 times more than one without or with a blurry, dark, or unsuitable image.
  2. Linkedin is not Facebook, let's start with this concept to make it clear right away that the picture of the sea is not good...much less the selfie picture while you are in the classroom with your students. LinkedIn asks you for one very simple thing: a picture of your face, maybe 3/4 bust (but don't imitate Lilli Gruber too much..), clothes consistent with the work you do (if you are a gardener wear work clothes), and maybe a smile!
  3. Quality matters, so if you are not a photographer, look for one or go into any photo-optics store, they are very likely to provide a professional service. You can also try taking a picture with a plain, clear wall using natural light and a good quality smartphone (iPhone, Sony Xperia, etc.).
  4. Retouching yes...retouching no! Don't edit too much to your profile picture you might scare off your clients when you meet them in person! All kidding aside, try not to disguise physical flaws that would be obvious in person; you would lose credibility.
    If you want to improve the photo Linkedin profiles I could increase the brightness or color saturation for example.
  5. Be careful where you look, the look is the key part of the photo, in fact you will have to look at them in the camera and express something, because trust me, what you feel can be seen in the eyes so think of something positive that I can attract clients or employers.

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