On Youtube, the most famous video platform on the web, all kinds of movies created by creators from all over the world are depopulating. Even among our compatriots there are young people with record numbers: here are who are the 5 most followed Italian Youtubers and what they do.

This is nothing new: for all younger people (and perhaps not only), spending time watching videos on YouTube Is as normal as it was long ago to watch television.

There is so much content, you are always spoiled for choice.

Entertainment, reviews, tutorials, news, live streaming--you name it!

But in addition to network sharing of any kind of media content, the great thing (which differentiates it from classic TV) is the interaction with users. In fact, those who watch the videos can vote, comment, add likes and so on. 

By the way, I don't know if you know this, but of all the social platforms on the Web today, Youtube is the longest-lived: started in 2005 at the hands of three former PayPal employees (later bought by Google in 2006), it is the most visited website in the world (after Google itself, of course).

Thus, if by chance anyone in the past may have believed that this was a passing phenomenon--well, they were very wrong!

Since its inception, YouTube has continued to grow in importance: today it manages to attract millions and millions of users, who look forward to discovering new content created for them by the content creator of the platform, the so-called Youtubers.

For many, producing videos has become a real job, and there are not a few who  That way they make a lot of money. From unboxing videos to gaming videos to tutorials and comedy skits, you can really find anything (and in any language and format) on the various channels.

But who are the most influential Italians on the platform?

Let's find out together: here is the list of the 5 Most Followed Italian Youtubers based on the number of enrollees (updated to May 2022). These are mostly young (if not very young) boys or girls who have decided to pursue this career, which is to date their job.

Curious to meet them? Here they are!

Top 5 Most Followed Italian Youtubers: the ranking

#1 Davie504

davie504In first place is Davide Biale, aka Davie504: his channel has 11.7 million members and each of his videos has millions of views every day.

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Born in 1994, he opened his channel in 2011 and has become increasingly popular over the years, eventually taking pole position among all his peers. All thanks to a passion, that for music, which he then managed to turn into a profession, increasing his success over time thanks to original and hilarious content.

What he does. He is a musician: he uploads videos on YouTube in which he shows his talent with the electric bass, but in a very ironic and funny way, which makes them immediately viral. He offers real performances, but without taking himself too seriously. 

He is best known for playing by giving "slaps" (so-called slapp) to the instrument and using unusual objects (like candy or corn). Besides making music, he also offers funny gags and custom arrangements of famous songs.

Despite being a native Italian (born in Savona, Liguria, to be precise), he speaks in English in his content-which has certainly allowed him to expand his user base and increase his fame.

#2 Panda Boi

panda boiNot much is known about him other than his real name, Frederick, his international origins (he was born in the Philippines), and the number of subscribers to his channel: 8.03 million.

His "career" of content creator actually started on TikTok (as well as on Instagram), where he gained an avalanche of followers, and then did the same on YouTube, at an astonishing rate: in fact, he was the first Italian to reach one million subscribers on the video platform in just three weeks.

He offers videos that are actually simple, but catchy, in which he appeals to people's curiosity by using the candid camera formula: the format is to address passersby in fairly absurd ways, engaging them in quizzes or games and then exploiting their reactions to entertain the audience.

In particular, in addition to his irony and comedy, one of the secrets of his success is his use of Shorts, vertical short videos, launched by YouTube specifically to compete with TikTok.

#3 Favij

favijIn third place is Lorenzo Ostuni, a 1995 boy from Turin, known on YouTube as Favij, who has built his fame by sharing online gaming videos and reviewing video games.

Although he is not at the top in terms of number of subscribers, he is the most followed YouTuber who publishes Italian-language content.

He is a big fan of video games: it all started for him in 2011, when with some friends he opened a channel (TheSharedGaming) on which he posted gameplay videos, managing to involve thousands of users. The success continued and then increased in 2012, proposing a channel of his own (FavijTV) and reaching within a few years millions of subscribers (currently there are 6,32 million).

With an ironic and fresh tone, his content has allowed him to come to prominence outside the platform as well: in recent years he has worked as a voice actor, appeared in some films and TV programs, and written a few books.

#4 Me vs. You

me versus youFor those who have teenage children, they know that they are real legends to them, and if you ask any child around who they follow on YouTube, they will definitely mention Me vs. You.

This, in fact, is one of the most famous couples especially among the very young: with 6.22 million members, Luigi Calagna and Sofia Scalia opened their channel in 2014 and still post their videos every day.

The two youngsters from Palermo, known as "Sofì and Luì" (she 1997 and he 1992), are a couple not only at work, but also in their private lives. Their videos are very popular because they offer cute and colorful content suitable for young children - a bit on the wave of BimBumBam (remember it?).

They have become so famous that they have even produced two movies, as well as having their own e-commerce of products under their own brand name (clothing, toys and school supplies); they will also be touring Italian theaters next fall.

#5 iPantellas

Italian youtubersThe iPantellas are Jacopo Malnati and Daniel Marangiolo (both from Varese, class of 1990), a duo that was formed in 2009, when the two met while working together as animators. In the same year they decided to open their YouTube channel publishing comedy videos on various topics, until today they count 5.56 million members.

After a brief decline in their performances, they returned to prominence on the web with various parodies, which also allowed them to appear on television, on the show Colorado, in 2016.

Their winning key? Devising comedic videos of everyday moments in the lives of younger people, from school to relationships with parents. They offer humorous content and hilarious skits; for the most part, their most popular videos are part of real webseries, often focusing on the various stages and experiences experienced by teenagers.


What do you say, did you know all these Youtubers?

I guess you can also think of how, from simple fun ideas or passions of any kind, these guys were able to build real careers for themselves (with mind-boggling earnings).

It is necessary, however, to be clear about one thing. Building one's own authority on such a platform is based on two key factors: value e constancy. You got it right! 

Round and round, of always comes back there: you need to offer content that, no matter how humorous or ironic, offers quality to viewers; secondly, you need to be determined and not be brought down by low numbers at first. Only by publishing frequently enough can you win the attention and trust of your audience in the long run.

Not only that, it is important to develop an effective strategy in which you are clear about who you want to address and what goals you want to achieve.

That is why, while opening a YouTube channel is very simple and quick, being successful is a different story: the work of the content creator, as attractive as it may appear, it is not so obvious to everyone.

How about you, what do you think? Let me know in the comments!

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