Copywriting is one of the most powerful weapons for ensuring the success of your business: here's what it is and why you should take advantage of it to communicate effectively on the Web.

Communication is everything.

You can have the best product or service in the world, your idea can be the most innovative, but if you don't know how to communicate it effectively to your audience, you won't be able to reap all the potential profits.

In recent articles, I have told you about various aspects related to the success of your business, from the brand positioning at Instagram stories, from being thought leaders to knowing how to manage the public relations; but your strategic efforts are in vain if they are not accompanied by the right written content with the right words.

There are many ways to convey a message on the Web (e.g., the clever use of the graphics is crucial), but certainly writing occupies a privileged place.

Have you ever come across very long texts with no white space, maybe too complicated? I guess you didn't get to read them all the way through, or did you?

This is because what makes the difference between an effective text and one that is not is knowing and using the techniques of copywriting.

Do you already know what this is about?

We will go into specifics in a moment, for now we can say that it has to do with The ability to write in a way that leads the reader to do exactly what you want them to do.

It assumes that the form of your content greatly affects its persuasive power. 

Here's why you should absolutely integrate it into all your marketing efforts!

But don't worry: I'm not telling you that you have to become an expert in this area (after all, there are professionals who only deal with this and can help you out), but I do want you to understand that it's not enough to think about what write, but also to as you write it down.

So in this article you will find out exactly what copywriting is and why it is so important for your business activity.

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What is copywriting

Copywriting is professional writing for marketing and corporate communications; creative writing work ultimately aimed at sales.

Some say it is an art and some consider it a science. We might call it A discipline that harnesses the power of the word.


It is the ability to write text in such a way that the reader takes a certain action, which can be leaving your contact information, clicking on a link, visiting your site, signing up for your webinar, and, of course, buying your product.

While in the past it involved only the writing of articles or publicity materials, today, in the web marketing, thus covers various aspects: from social media advertising, to SEO-optimized corporate blog articles, to e-mail marketing.

It is a communication medium with its own techniques, strategies and rules to follow. The goal is to attract attention, arouse interest, arouse desires and induce action.

The ultimate goal is always to turn your readers into paying customers: it does this through an attractive, readable, convincing and credible form of the text.

Why it is important

As you may have already guessed, copywriting is essential for making sure that your strategic ideas translate into concrete results. Here is specifically what you need it for:

  • A catch attention of those who come across your content and to retain it (you know how difficult it is to stand out in such a saturated digital world);
  • A make a connection with your target audience, even before you sell your product-an important factor in building a long-term trusting relationship;
  • A Triggering concrete action of the user: your goal is always to engage people according to your specific objective at that time;
  • To obtain higher conversion rates: you promote yourself in order to increase the number of paying customers;
  • A Improve the structure and effectiveness Of the articles: the quality of the content gives you authority And it leads you to be considered a real thought leaders;
  • A Get more involvement and sharing on social media: visibility allows you to expose your brand to a wide audience, with all the benefits that come with it in terms of brand awareness.

Types of web copywriting


Copywriting, in itself, has an unambiguous meaning (writing to sell), but in the world of web marketing we can identify a few types, which differ in their objectives and techniques used. Here are what they are:

Social media copywriting

Social media is very much focused on visual communication, but the words that accompany photos and images are crucial in attracting attention and engaging the audience.

Whether it is a Facebook post or a story on Instagram, you need to make sure that your content is highly visible and viral; it is often a matter of being able to say the right thing in just a few lines (or in a single headline), to get the user to leave a reaction, share or click on a link.

You must, of course, always consider the characteristics of the specific social and the audience using it: TikTok has different users than Facebook or LinkedIn, and so the mode of writing and tone of voice will also have to adapt accordingly.

SEO copywriting

If copywriting is the art of writing persuasive, conversion-oriented content, SEO copywriting is the art of combining this with search engine optimization.

The goal is to build a network of useful, engaging and quality texts that at the same time rank as high as possible in user searches.

It starts with the assumption that there is a close connection between writing and ranking and the realization that Google reads, understands, and ranks web pages through the presence of various factors:

  •  Le keywords most frequently used by users, included in the title, subtitle and repeated several times in the text;
  •  The use of internal links that link to other relevant pages, which allow for further study of the topic at hand;
  •  The use of external links to authoritative sites, which not only allow the user to expand his or her knowledge, but also demonstrate that what is being talked about is the result of research and in-depth study through reliable sources, increasing the quality of the content;
  •  La text structure, that is, the use of writing techniques that visually capture the reader and facilitate comprehension, such as bulleted lists, bold words, paragraph division.

Copywriting for eCommerce

Copywriting for online sales is perhaps closest to the origin of the term: writing for text advertising products or services.

Any self-respecting eCommerce will need convincing, original, interesting texts for its products; it will be necessary to inform the potential customer about the technical characteristics of the product, but at the same time win him over and entice him to purchase.

Persuasive copywriting

In fact, all copywriting is necessarily "persuasive," regardless of its purpose or context: its goal is always to trigger a specific desire that then translates into concrete actions.

In the strictest sense of the term, we can say that it is defined as such when, in order to do so, it tries to connect with people, their needs and ideas: for this reason, the leverage it exploits the most is the emotional one, to capture the reader's attention and create a bond of empathy with the reader, sometimes even using storytelling (i.e., narration).

It is an engaging and compelling writing technique, with the purpose of creating curiosity and stimulating the reader line by line making sure that he or she gets to the end of the reading, for example in the case of one of your newsletters (it is often very useful just in e-mail marketing).

If you want to learn more, I recommend reading this article on the 3 mistakes not to make in persuasive copywriting.


Copywriting is something that, especially in the web marketing, cannot be ignored: the success of your communication depends greatly on the way in which you convey your content, from their form and the use of specific techniques that can benefit you and enable you to stand out in the digital chaos around you.

Mind you, though: this does not at all mean that the quality of the content has to fail, on the contrary. The skill lies precisely in being able to combine value and incisiveness in what you say.

However, if you still feel a little lost in a world unfamiliar to you, I want to reassure you right away.

Soon I will share with you some quick and practical tips to use in all your texts for the web.

In the meantime, take a look at your content and try to ask yourself how impactful it is in terms of copy; finally, remember that data analysis on reader feedback is a really useful tool for monitoring the effectiveness of what you write.

Ps. In this article. find the 3 basic rules of copy to communicate effectively: read it now!

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