Monetizing your brand

Web Marketing Manifesto

Through the creation of effective online content and strategies that can change the lives of others for the better and make a difference in the world.

Turn yourself into a Authoritative Expert Generating profit from one's art, experience and knowledge.

The Web Marketing Manifesto is's document stating the thinking on which the company's business and goals are based. Something that goes beyond the code of ethics because the selves encapsulates and summarizes the way in which you want to make a positive impact on the lives of followers, readers and customers.

Who is the Authoritative Expert?

Anyone who has expertise, in any field or about any topic can be considered an Expert by their target audience.

It is a person with a high degree of knowledge in a particular field and works to build and maintain a leadership position, broaden its audience and improve its business performance.

He is the one who decides what needs to be paid attention to and illustrates his ideas in a useful and understandable way, explains their meaning, guides people toward progress, and predicts how things may change over time.

The Authoritative Expert can be the CEO of a large company, a freelancer, an inventor, an artist, a craftsman, a freelancer, or anyone who is passionate about a particular topic and has mastered it.

His mission is to inspire and educate others to help them improve their lives and achieve their goals.

The Authoritative Expert is an extremely knowledgeable person who is paid for what they know and the guidance they offer.

That person IS YOU!

Web Marketing Manifesto: monetize the Brand

web marketing manifesto - the pyramid of authority

Underlying the thinking of the Web Marketing Manifesto is the concept of Authoritativeness, which I introduced in Italy in 2014.

It is not difficult to find one's place in a market or to create a completely new one, one just has to figure out what aspect of one's brand one wants to develop and how much of an impact our skills can have--positive, of course--to the people who follow us and with whom we come in contact.

The opportunities are countless, but even here, to simplify, we could say that there are three most important aspects:

  1. Sharing and teaching any topic, to anyone, and thus launch an incredibly lucrative career.
  2. Using one's knowledge as a tool to unhinge distrust, opposition and gain an authoritative position in people's hearts and minds.
  3. Increase brand monetization personal or corporate, to ethically make a profit and have even more resources to bring their voice to the world.

In my long career as an expert on digital and monetization strategies, I've seen successful online businesses develop in the most incredible and disparate niches, I'll mention a few: cooking, making cocktails, writing with beautiful handwriting, taking portrait photos, layout documents with a computer, winning over your ex, running your first marathon, quitting smoking, painting, reading faster, learning to dress tastefully, knowing how to interpret modern art, playing the guitar, learning how to keep calm and not get angry, becoming a beekeeper, embroidering and knitting...

We are creators

Understood as professionals, artists, developers, artisans, inventors and entrepreneurs who use their knowledge, craftsmanship and expertise to make something beyond profit, while still generating in quantity.

We are the new intellectual and work force that masterfully uses the digital highways, we are those who put at the service of others years of study and trial and error, of failures and successes, to enable those who are ready and aware, to reach or exceed the goals we ourselves have set.

We have a message to spread, a voice to let the world hear, and it is because of the wealth that we generate with our ingenuity, which fund our sharing and vision.

Web Marketing Manifesto: learn to serve and you will be rewarded.

Selling Online

It is probably the first motivation for many to set up an online business and adopt strategies to web marketing to be able to position their brand and products effectively.

The trap we unfortunately often fall into is in underestimating what skills are needed to achieve the goals we set.

The principles on which one must base one's monetization strategies by going down the principles of the Web Marketing Manifesto are:

  1. Conceptualizing authoritative brand positioning.
  2. Learning web marketing strategies for selling online.
  3. Plan the launch of your online business involving social media, blogs, podcasts and videos.
  4. Test, test, test.
  5. Scale your online business and focus on monetizing the brand (rather than the product).

With these assumptions in mind, any web marketing or social media marketing project I come in contact with leads me to aim for incredible achievement because my goals are perfectly aligned with those of my clients.

This philosophy little shared by many professionals has allowed me over time to build a solid reputation and broaden the spread of my message to the point where I have hundreds of thousands of people reading and following me every day.

To date, my Team and I have managed more than 700 domains, generated and made millions, and worked with businesses of all sizes and growth-minded entrepreneurs.

Meanwhile, most professionals and experts in web marketing and social media marketing desperately struggle, one against the other, to secure a space in the spotlight with the sole objective of selling something, not always of high quality, to anyone who happens to be in their sights, completely missing what should be the one true driver of this industry: creating an experience for the customer, such that he or she becomes an ambassador of it.

Web Marketing Manifesto: Social Media

Unfortunately, we see this every day and may no longer pay attention to it; values have changed and people with them. Web marketing and social media marketing for all sorts of different online business niches are seeing both strong development-as they should be-and increasing exposure to unserious or unprepared professionals, greatly reducing the possibilities for brand monetization.

Money comes first, then people.
Discrediting the competition as a branding strategy.
Take advantage of every opportunity not to serve but to sell.

My Team and I, we are not that.

We serve those who want to create an impact in the world.

The resonance of our message is expressed in our products, services and all the support activities we offer digital entrepreneurs every day, where every action we take is designed to bring results.

I am not going to pursue exponential growth. When I did, I regretted it because profit was dangerously becoming the only goal to visualize.

There are only a few of us, we are highly trained and we are super motivated.

We are here to serve the few who want to change toward the better.


Valerio Fioretti is the web marketing specialist for small and medium-sized enterprises. Bestselling author, speaker, consultant, trainer and marketing coach.

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