Alexander Viceconti is one of those shrewd and capable entrepreneurs that I like. He belongs to the breed of those who have decided to roll up their sleeves to improve the performance of their family business, which has been in the DIY and do-it-yourself business for years, and to take advantage of the best of digital strategies to take more and more of the market, in a very competitive niche.

Finding himself dealing with customers whose approach to the product is always only related to price-most convenient-and unable to compete with the industry giants, Alexander developed modes of acquisition and retention (as well as pre- and post-sales support) by automating processes and leveraging the Web as much as possible.

In particular, it has become one of the leading experts in Facebook Advertising since he found most of his audience there.

Through continuous updates and field testing, he has trained himself with skill and expertise, and contrary to what many experts in the field may say, he has really gotten his hands dirty.

Simultaneously enter the community of Marco Montemagno and is noted for his skills, both as an expert and a trainer, and gradually joins the team.

Today Alexander runs alongside the family business, which he continues to follow with great passion and excellent results, all the advertising budget of Marco Montemagno and his start-ups.

This makes Alessandro, without a shadow of a doubt, given the results and awards, one of the top Italian experts in managing Facebook advertising campaigns.

Alexander will be one of the incredible speakers at Authoritativeness LIVE 2019.

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