In the vast world of the Web Marketing there are many techniques and tactics that are created every day with the sole goal of capturing visitor leads.

La lead generation should be one of the most critical business priorities of any online business, and using the tool of the pool, or better in Italian, the survey, can really make a difference.

Ryan Lavesque wrote a book about it right on that (sort of), talking about the importance of finding out what people want from life (more generally) and from you (more specifically).

Surveys for Web Marketing

Through the survey tool one can do interesting market surveys, nurture one's list, and, for those who hone this technique to the best of their ability, perhaps making use of advanced tools, can contextually generate automatic sales.

One of the levers to rely on, and on which Social Networks and I believe most of the traffic generated online is based, are curiosity and the human need or urge, to have one's say, expressing an opinion even with a simple click (not necessarily writing papyri that few will read).

Let's face it, we like to have our say in any context in which we feel pulled in, whether because of personal passions or professional expertise. We want to express our point of view, vote for what we like, point out what we don't approve of, and quench that deep sense of satisfaction we get when we believe we can choose or change things.

We are not meant to be subjected to the choices of others (although that is all to be proven), and that is why websites all over the world are teeming with surveys, requests for feedback, and choices being offered to us in every sphere.

Who does web marketing and does it successfully knows all this well but often faces two problems (the usual ones):

  1. Lack of time to organize surveys on their own pages.
  2. Lack of the right tools that would allow it to integrate with what it already has in place (blog, e-commerce, email marketing autoresponder, tracking pixel), while at the same time being appealing, able to convert and function without having to call in a graphic designer or programmer.

Now what if anyone could have technology available that could solve problems 1 and 2 above, and perhaps add other advanced features?

Let's first look at the benefits of having a survey-based strategy in place.

First you can leverage it to know what your readers and followers would like from you, but even better encourage purchase.


Let's take an example.

marketing & business planner 2023
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You have an e-commerce business that sells men's or women's clothing. The pool you propose could be this:

"For this season Spring Summer 2016 do you prefer Warm Colors or Cool Tones?"
(Don't mind the fashion bloggers, it's just a trivial example, okay?)

Based on the audience's choice, you will offer a discount coupon in exchange for the e-mail address, and send each one on your bestselling product in the category, taking care to show them clothing items that reflect their tastes in tones and colors.

Another example.

Restaurant, fast food restaurant, pizzeria be it...

"For lunch during the week, do you prefer pizza or big salad?"

Upon response, the coupon and, even better, the table reservation on your website could be triggered here as well.


"Are you an iPhone or Android guy? Answer and win a gadget to pick up in store (or on our e-commerce) ."

The response is followed by a registration form and a visit to the right catalog.

I could go on for hours, the fact of the matter is that today you can quickly set up a survey that is graphically appealing, configurable as you see fit, easy to use, and above all capable of converting great.

Creating effective surveys for online business

Having figured out the strategy, now what you need is the tool.
There are several, ranging from the old SurveyMonkey which does its job but is impossible to watch, until Mint Apps 2.0 - a new tool being launched these days-which instead offers a system that is much less complex than its competitors, but gets straight to the point.

With a very beautiful and intuitive web interface, it literally allows you to design POPUPs for your surveys from templates with very high visual impact.

There are 3 types of surveys you can take:

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1. Binary Pool: in which you ask the visitor to make a choice between two options.
2. Multi Pool: in which you ask the visitor to make a choice among multiple options.
3. Rating: in which you ask for a POSITIVE or NEGATIVE rating on a topic.

These three types of pools are proven to be among the most effective, both in terms of communication and speed of engagement and appreciation. After all, Mark Zuckerberg had attracted the attentions of the board of professors at the university precisely because he had set up a "hot or not" type poll with photos of his female student colleagues 🙂

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The use of this tool is particularly simple and intuitive.

First of all, it is CLOUD so no software to download, no compatibility issues with Windows, Mac, Linux--it even works from tablets.

Second, the interface in addition to being particularly pleasant is extremely easy and intuitive. Although it is in English, it is very easy to understand, and does not require any explanation. In less than 5 minutes you are up and running at 100%.

Third peculiarity, the templates. There are (especially in the PRO version that can be purchased after the basic offer), many graphically ready-to-use and high-impact surveys that you just need to customize with your own texts, images and questions.

Finally, the guarantee (which never hurts). 30 days money back satisfied at 100%.

To me, it is worth purchasing. I got it and will use it for my next sales and contact acquisition strategies.

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