In this article I explain. How web marketing can help your business on the street to have more customers, more people in the store, more sales, more ... everything!

There are many things you can do by taking advantage of the Web, and if you have a very localized business (a city or small town) it's even better!

In fact, you will be able to focus your marketing efforts on a well-defined target from which you can definitely get a great response.

Web Marketing Strategies for Local Business

I'll give you some ideas of what you could do:

  1. Organizing a Facebook event.
    First create a page (don't use your personal profile) and organize an event for your business: a product tasting, a demonstration, an art exhibition (??) at your venue (even if you do anything else!), or you could invite an expert or professional to talk to your audience about a topic close to your products or business.
  2. Organize free or low-cost courses.
    There is no better customer than the one who remembers having your product and knows how to use it properly. Organizing a course, even for just a few people, is a great way to keep your best customers close to you and keep them happy.
  3. Create campaigns with specific Facebook Ads.
    Use the parameters of Facebook's advertising platform both to define your audience (gender, age, interests...) and its geolocation. You can take only the inhabitants of your small town, or the one next to yours, who do not yet know you.
  4. Discounts, gifts and coupons.
    This always works, as long as the gadget is very cool or the discount/coupon is catchy (40%? 50%?) just put some very specific rules, e.g., "the discount is valid only on this product and only on Tuesday the 22nd."
  5. Create a community.
    If you were smart enough to create your own mailing list, way to go! If you haven't done it yet--start now. Prepare a card that you will offer to anyone who comes into your store, even if they don't buy, and take their information: first name, last name, cell phone and email. Have them sign the privacy consent and...create your mailing list or community. This is most powerful means of attracting people when it's time to sell, sell and sell!

These are just a few examples...I recommend that you strain your brain a bit and above all, take courage and get started. The Web is full of opportunities and no-cost tools that you can leverage to improve your sales performance and results.

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