The Kajabi mobile app is a revolution for all entrepreneurs who want to increase their customer engagement.

Kajabi's mission is to empower all the entrepreneurs, content creators, experts and influencers who are seriously committed to their business and wish to succeed online. One of the strengths of Kajabi it is listening to users that enables them to increase their impact and, as a result, create a positive customer experience.

That's why today I want to talk to you about how to engage your customers more and get them to return to your Kajabi eco-system Taking advantage of the mobile application.

Loyalty and Engagement

As an entrepreneur, content creator, expert, or influencer you need to think of retention and engagement as elements vital to the health of your business online. If you are not familiar with these concepts, then now is a good time to start.

Loyalty can be defined in several ways: I define it as the frequency with which customers decide to "come back" to your product.

Do they come back every day, week, month, or at a different frequency?

Engagement, on the other hand, refers to the degree of consumer loyalty. In other words, when they return to your product, how do they interact with it?

How many lessons from your online courses did they make use of?

How much time have they spent on your pages?

Sites such as Facebook possess high loyalty and high engagement: users return frequently and perform various actions.

So it is not surprising that the most engaged users will be your best customers-the ones who will continue to pay for your products. Making them happy is the hallmark of a healthy business: it is generally easier and cheaper to retain an existing customer than to acquire a new one.

Let's take a concrete example.

Why do thousands of people line up outside an Apple store, waiting to buy the new iPhone model?

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Not because they heard about Apple and thought they would give it a try, but because, by purchasing one of their products, they were won over.

Take, for example, Netflix, a paid service that can be subscribed to by monthly subscription. If a Netflix customer logs on every day and watches a few episodes at a time, it is fair to assume that he or she is benefiting from the service and will continue to pay for it for some time.

In contrast, it is likely that a customer who rarely connects to Netflix will not keep the subscription active.

The same goes for your digital product, whether you are selling an online course, a subscription product, or anything else.

Offering quality to a customer who has purchased your product, you have gained their trust. The task of Kajabi is to keep that consumer engaged and keep them coming back.

To date, there are several ways to achieve this goal. But let's talk about how this app can increase retention and engagement, and how you can use it to retain more customers.

Increasing loyalty with push notifications

One of the many features of the Kajabi app is push notifications, which allow you to immediately notify all your customers directly on the app.

Let's say you want to offer a new piece of quality content or need to announce a new online event coming up. Instead of hoping your customer will find your e-mail among all the others in their inbox, you can now send a notification directly to their cell phone.

As easy as sending a message.

Let's face it, today we are glued to our cell phones. By having a direct connection to the device that consumers use most of the day, you can make sure that your brand and your product are always front and center in a more personal way.

"A good mobile push notification must be timely, personalized and accessible."
Noah Weiss, Slack. 

Increase community engagement

If we talk about community engagement, mobile is rapidly taking over the desktop. That is why Kajabi makes community outreach so much easier.

Whenever you reply to a comment or a user is tagged (e.g., @valerio), that person will receive a push notification. Just imagine: with a simple response you can drive customer loyalty. 

Not only that, you're holding a whole community in the hands of your customers, so that they are always in touch with like-minded people. This way they foster relationships with you and others, discuss topics they are passionate about, and get help when they need it.

Most importantly, your community will not get stuck because of all the distractions that a platform like Facebook presents.

Community outreach gives your customers a feeling of inclusion, making sure they never feel alone.

What does this mean for your users?

The reality is that people are looking at their cell phones while waiting at restaurants, when picking up their children, or when sitting in the airport. Rather than allowing your users to be pulled by social networking apps, they can now choose to Continue to follow your content.

"The mobile app is the next step in your business. When you're serious about your business, you know you have to be where your customers are, which is in their pockets."
Kenny Rueter, CEO of Kajabi

How to convince your users to download the Kajabi mobile app

I highly recommend convincing all your customers to download Kajabi so that they can take full advantage of your content, regardless of time of day or location.

If you are already a Kajabi customer, you can find more information on how to download the application here.

Why should your users download the Kajabi mobile app?

  • Downloading and using the app is free at 100%. No initial or future payment is required to access different parts of the application. In addition, there are no advertisements.
  • Greater access to your content. Sometimes, after a long day, it is difficult for your users to want to sit down and access your content. It is not up to you, it is due to the fact that in the evening many users want to "disconnect" and relax. Now they can access your content at any time of the day!
  • The application saves the progress of the lesson on all devices, so that they can pick up where they left off without any problems.
  • Your users can instantly connect with other like-minded people in the community. They can respond, interact with other users, ask questions, create relationships. All this from the device they are most connected to.

How to proceed?

Your users will love having the ability to access your content while on the go. The Kajabi app is free at 100% and can be downloaded for both iOS and Android.

You can download Kajabi's app from the official app stores:

HtO3NZJFQHeJgH1MoOW5 Android PlayStore

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