More is read in Italy. It is a fact and the trend is on the rise, and for those who want to get a job or expand their business, this is definitely not an opportunity to pass up. Let's do a little background and see what it consists of making a Online business with Kindle Marketing.

  • We are all connected now, all the time. With cell phone or tablet, I see it in the UK where I am now, but I also see it Italy. The good thing is that we are forced to read, since by custom and situation (maybe we are in public) videos are less usable.
  • The most important newspapers and magazines they all have a mobile version, dedicated app, and/or subscription. For example, I read Wired in two ways, obviously by flipping through the magazine, and via the subscriber app that previews and downloads the new issue each month to my tablet.
  • Amazon has also brought its Kindle here to Italy, both in the only ebook Than in the tablet version with FIRE. Great products, even without needing to have a mobile subscription to be able to directly buy and download your favorite book.
  • People are searching more and more on the Internet not only information (what we'll call non-fictionbut also entertainment (fiction), thanks to reading. Don't think about big 400-page novels, think also about novellas, stories for children, short stories... And as for the non-fiction there are a plethora of examples: from travel experiences and diaries, to recipes for cooking typical dishes, from wine books to diet books, from marketing manuals to practical guides for practicing sports... and I could go on...iIkOChDdQhOSzSWiwmgl feature goesbeyondabook. V357618879Amazon's most amazing service is that it allows anyone to become a writer, to publish their short story or book that they have left in their drawer for years gathering dust, or that no publisher has ever wanted to publish. You don't know how to write but you have a great idea, have already jotted down an outline and would like to develop it? There are many professionals ready to help you, ghostwriters, who, for a fee, complete your work, leaving you with all the rights as the author. If you think this is something strange or illegal you are wrong, there are plenty of authors (even very famous ones) who do this. It is the idea or knowledge behind a text that makes it, in many cases, a winning product. Another big advantage is the freedom of expression. Amazon allows you to write in many, many different categories, including both fiction (adventure, romance, erotic, fantasy, thriller...) and nonfiction (technical manuals, courses and DIY, recipe collections...).

    Online Business with Kindle Marketing

    Not only do you have the satisfaction of seeing your book on the world's largest digital library, but you will also have the opportunity to make a profit. And these are just some of the benefits that can be derived from publishing an ebook. Thus, a new branch of Internet marketing is born: the Kindle Marketing, through which, with proper knowledge, you can:

    • Understand which niches in the online literary market are the most prolific and profitable
    • intuit what and how to write for your readers' pleasure
    • Positioning and promoting your book in the best possible way
    • Establish your own reputation as a writer, starting from scratch

    All of this is less difficult than it sounds. True, there may be various difficulties for a neophyte (writer's block, language deficiencies, lack of creativity) or more serious problems such as dyslexia. The fact remains, however, that with good will, initiative and entrepreneurial spirit many things can be done, such as relying on a ghostwriting and then administer their drafts or ideas to someone whose job is to do just that: write for others. Being further behind other countries, at least for once, is an advantage for us Italians, since no one in our country does Kindle Marketing like this.

    Keep following me because I am jumping right into this new and profitable area. By combining my knowledge of product placement, lead generation, and social marketing, I believe I will be able within a month or two to roll out my successful Kindle Marketing formula, adapting it beyond all else, to our small, but clearly growing, Italian market.

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