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Turn what you do best into an online course, coaching program, membership, podcast, and more.
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The complete guide in Italian: complete online course.
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Books and Guides

Valerio's best books and guides, available for you in PDF and audio book. A continuously updated library at your disposal.

Online Courses

Get Valerio's best digital marketing content: from how to create online courses to memberships.


Access Valerio.it's official tutorial and updates. All in Italian, all explained with extreme simplicity.


Participate in LIVE group office hours, during which you receive updates on digital strategies and answers to your questions.

The platform used by creators who get results.


Billions of $ earned


Used by over +100,000 business


Over 300,000 online courses

What does the Bootcamp:

Books, guides, audio books, online courses, tutorials and LIVE with Valerio.

The Bootcamp includes a range of premium content from Valerio.it - routinely sold at prices ranging from €10 to €500 - and made available for free to all customers with Growth and Pro plans, as long as they keep their subscriptions active.

Bootcamp also includes tutorials in Italian, explained in a simple and practical way, to master the platform in no time.

Adding to the content uploaded in the Bootcamp are periodic LIVE sessions with Valerio, during which new strategies will be shared, new features explained, and where you can get your questions answered.

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What you will find in the Bootcamp, as of now.

These are the premium contents that are already uploaded and available. More will follow 😁

Books, guides and tutorials

A library of downloadable content such as PDFs, MP3 audios, and quick guides to instantly solve specific problems.

Who can do [Video Course]

The complete video course, usually sold for €197, in which Valerio explains how to design, build and launch a successful online course. Over 5 hours of detailed content.

Podcast [Video Course]

How to easily make and publish a podcast.

Kajabi Creator

Membership [Course Video]

The membership creation guide and its application.

Only Super Clients [Video Course]

Valerio's bestselling online course, selling for €499, through which you can automate the 90% of the high-spending customer acquisition process for your coaching and consulting programs. 

The Guide in Italian

The complete - and updated - video course to learn how to use the platform like a real professional. Explained by Valerio in a simple and clear way.

One integrated platform to do it all.

New features are added periodically, with no increase in price.

Online course creation and membership.
Coaching and counseling platform.
Platform for podcasts: free and subscription (private podcasts).
Community: create your own online community.
Complete management of payments with your Stripe and PayPal accounts.
Methods of sale: free, single, installment, subscription, coupon and discount management.
Hosting: unlimited hosted videos, files and images.
Comprehensive CRM for contact management.
Professional email marketing platform: broadcast, email sequences (auroresponder), tagging, segmentation, paid newsletters.
Website and blog creation.
Landing pages and funnels, with dozens of templates.
Mobile App for your clients: they access your courses from iOS and Android.
Analytics and comprehensive statistics.
Fully White Label: your customers will only ever see your brand.

The power and simplicity of Kajabi.
An entire business installed in 17 minutes and 47seconds.

Starting from the initial set-up to the creation of an online course.

Grow your business your way with
Kajabi's full suite of tools

Create products based on what you know best.

Turn your knowledge, skills and passions into something you can sell, such as an online course, coaching program, membership or podcast.

And when you are ready to add new products, you have more options than any other platform.

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Grow your audience and your revenue.

You have everything you need to establish your brand online, build your audience and turn them into customers: from websites to landing pages, from funnels to email marketing, everything is at your fingertips.

Take your business to new levels.

Once you're ready, you have all the power you need to scale: advanced analytics to optimize your performance, automations to save you time, and integrated customer relationship management (CRM).

Also, unlike other platforms, Kajabi never takes a share of your revenue.

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What you will get.

Grow your online business using the world's best digital marketing platform and Valerio's premium trainings.

Books and Guides

Valerio's best books and guides, available for you in PDF and audio book. A continuously updated library at your disposal.

Online Courses

Get Valerio's best digital marketing content: from how to create online courses to memberships.


Access Valerio.it's official tutorial and updates. All in Italian, all explained with extreme simplicity.


Participate in LIVE group office hours, during which you receive updates on digital strategies and answers to your questions.

Sign up for Kajabi and you get the Bootcamp at no cost.


Become an Evangelister

Evangelisters is the community of entrepreneurs and creators who want to receive ongoing training and constant discussion with me, through monthly super-specialized CALLs and Unlimited access to my courses and content.


The best choice for those who are starting out and want to launch their products.

or $159 for 12 months

15 Products
Unlimited landing pages
Unlimited email marketing
Up to 25,000 contacts
Advanced automation
1 Comprehensive website
Dozens of templates
100% White Label
Zero commission on sales

PRO Plan

If you want to manage multiple brands and have an established business.

or $319 for 12 months

100 Products
Unlimited landing pages
Unlimited email marketing
Up to 100,000 contacts
Advanced automation
3 Comprehensive Websites
Dozens of templates
100% White Label
Zero commission on sales
Full code access

Satisfaction guarantee

If this amazing platform is not right for you, you can contact their team and request immediate deletion of your account.

Answers to your questions

What is Kajabi?

Kajabi is an all-in-one online business platform that has helped more than 50,000 entrepreneurs monetize their knowledge, passions and skills with online courses, sites, memerships, coaching programs and podcasts. 

And when I say "all-in-one," I mean just that. With Kajabi you can create, grow and manage your entire business from the same dashboard, without the need for complicated integrations or technical expertise. 

Why choose to choose it?

Entrepreneurs created Kajabi for entrepreneurs, so the team is familiar with the challenges facing today's online entrepreneurs. With more than a decade of experience in the industry, they have helped clients earn more than $2 billion in revenue from digital products.

First of all, they believe in supporting the growth of entrepreneurs. That's why, unlike other creation platforms, they never take a percentage of your earnings. That's not their style. Kajabi is the platform where you earn the most and retain the most.

When you choose Kajabi, you choose a platform with a proven track record and a culture obsessed with your success. This means you can expect constant platform improvements and top-notch customer support to build and scale your business.

And if you are not tech-savvy, you are in the right place. Kajabi was created specifically for non-tech people to help them achieve online entrepreneurial success.

How does Kajabi help me build my business?

Kajabi provides you with all the tools you need to run your business, plus with Valerio.it's Bootcamp, you have a complete guide in Italian and all the training you need to develop your business strategically.

With Kajabi, you never start from scratch. There are dozens of customizable templates and intuitive design tools that allow you to easily create professional online courses, coaching programs, memberships, podcasts, websites, landing pages, emails, sales funnels, and more.

Then add built-in CRM, powerful analytics, and a ready-to-use mobile app, and you have everything you need to build and scale the online business you've been dreaming of, all from one platform. 

How does Kajabi compare with other knowledge trading platforms?

The other platforms only provide you with the tools to accomplish certain aspects of what you want to do as an entrepreneur. For example, you pay for a tool to build a website, but you will have to pay for other tools to create products, send emails, set up automations, etc. Kajabi gives you everything you need in one place, and you won't have to worry about creating integrations between multiple tools.

Other platforms take a percentage of your earnings. The more you earn, the more you have to pay. Kajabi's team believes the money is yours. You earned it and you should keep it. They never take a percentage of your income. 

Choosing Kajabi also means becoming part of a thriving and supportive community like no other. If you get stuck, help is available to get you back on track. When you reach a new milestone, we celebrate with you and send you prizes to celebrate your achievements. This is all part of our culture: we support your success.

Kajabi vs Clickfunnels who wins?

Clickfunnels is certainly a very good platform but it does not compare with Kajabi.

Clickfunnels is, as the name implies, focused on creating funnels and not a real business, complete with everything: website, blog, automations, CRM, e-mail marketing, video hosting...

Te I talk about it in this article on my blog where I compiled a more comprehensive comparison of the two platforms.

How does the mobile app work?

Kajabi offers a very powerful yet easy-to-use mobile app for all its clients.

For you, who administers your own website, there is nothing else to do but promote it to your customers, offering them iOS App Store and Android Play Store links.

It will be easy for your clients to access your online courses; they just need to install the app on their smartphones and configure it by entering their e-mail. No passwords, zero configuration.

I wrote an article about it that I recommend you read: Finding customers with the Kajabi mobile app.

What happens if I unsubscribe?

Of course, it may happen that Kajabi or digital marketing is not right for you. In this case you can ask Kajabi (not me!) to cancel your account and not renew it. As a result, you will lose access to Bootcamp.

Valerio I am already a customer, how do I get access to Bootcamp?

If you have already purchased Kajabi through me, and you have the Growth or Pro plan, you can apply for free access to Kajabi.

If you purchased Kajabi without going through one of my partner links or have a Basic plan, you can access Evangelisters, my mentorship and continuing education program.

Write to supporto@valerio.it to get all the info and receive instructions on how to access.

Do you have more questions?

If you have more questions you can read this article FAQ of appronfondment or contact me writing to support.


Valerio Fioretti is the web marketing specialist for small and medium-sized enterprises. Bestselling author, speaker, consultant, trainer and marketing coach.

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What data will you use to purchase Kajabi?

Before I take you to Kajabi's registration page, please leave me your information so I can keep track of your registration for Bootcamp.

All data are handled in full compliance with current regulations. Here you will find our Privacy Policy.


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