Among the many elements you can customize in Kajabi, the one related to the login page for your students could not be missing. The Kajabi Login is perhaps the page that will be loaded the most by your customers, it is worth optimizing.

That Kajabi is the best all-in-one web marketing platform, ideal for any online business, is well established. With one tool you have all the tools and features you may need, such as:

  • Online courses
  • Podcast
  • Membership
  • Newsletter
  • Coaching
  • Websites and blogs
  • Payments
  • Email marketing
  • Automations
  • Effective landing pages
  • Marketing Funnel
  • Analytics and statistics
  • Mobile App

All this good stuff, fully functional and integrated without any need to have programming skills, and especially without having to go crazy as is the case for those who decide to use Worpress.

With Kajabi there are NO FTPs, files to upload, plugins to buy, install and configure.

You can try Kajabi for 14 days - I recommend the "growth" plan - visiting on this page.

Everything is just a click away.

Like one-click customization of every aspect of your website, and today I want to talk to you about customizing the login page: Kajabi login.

To customize the public login page to your site on Kajabi, first you need to go to the menu on the left and click on Website.

The management page for the currently installed theme, and any available ones, will open. In the upper right corner you will find the Customize button. Operate it.

kajabi login page

At this point you will be taken to your theme management and customization page.

Take a look at the bottom left, you will find a "selector" menu right next to the button SAVE. Ok click on the selector, scroll through the items and choose LOGIN.

At this point the editor will open your login page in the main window, and you can then edit it to your liking. Let's see how.

First, as with any element on the Kajabi editor page, you can click on one of the elements you see in the preview window, and then change its parameters in the left column.


My Kajabi login page looked like this:

kajabi login page

As you can see, rather bare and minimalist. It lacks, without a shadow of a doubt, some character.


Adding an image to the Kajabi Login Page

A first change I recommend you make is to add your company logo in the login box, or an image that better represents you, your product, your service, or access to your academy.

It is then sufficient to click in the login box to see the options appear in the left column, and among them immediately the one related to the image to be inserted.

kajabi login page

So first you put a check mark on SHOW IMAGE, upload the image and configure the parameters.

Regarding the image, I'll give you two tips right away that will improve the page loading performance: resize the image FILE, before uploading it, and convert the image to the new format WEBP: more compact in terms of KB.

Still make sure the image is small and not invasive.

Your goal is to remember your brand and let the user know where they are, so there is no need to be intrusive.

Enter an appropriate pixel size (do not go beyond 200) and add a description IMAGE ALT ATTRIBUTE which will appear in case there are problems loading.

kajabi login page


Customizing Kajabi Login Texts

This is also the time to translate into Italian, if you haven't done so yet, all the elements that appear on the login page.

One thing that few people know is that you can insert HTML code into these fields, such as to customize the type of font used, the size, add a style such as bold or italics--in short, anything you think will help make the user experience better.

kajabi login page

In my case I revised the size of the text in the first box, the one called LOG IN TEXT. And I entered this code: Academy<br/>
<span style="”font-size:18px;”">Sign in by entering your information below.</span>

After the title " Academy" I added a line-break and then with the tag "span" I revised the text size to 18px.

Other interesting options for those who want to indulge are the ability to change the color of the box, add a background to the entire page, and change the login button.

In particular, Kajabi offers us some interesting stylistic options for this element.

kajabi login page

In addition to the text that will appear in the button, from here we can:

  • Change background color to the button.
  • Decide on the color of the text.
  • Establish the size, whether FULL (taking all the horizontal space of the box) or AUTO (adapting the size to the contained text).
  • The STYLE: whether SOLID (solid) or OUTLINE (a button with no background, with only colored borders).
  • The size: SMALL, MEDIUM and LARGE (I recommend you test them directly to find the one you like best).
  • BORDER RADIUS: to determine how rounded its corners will be. ZERO corresponds to a button with perfectly right angles, increasing the value these will round to an oval.

In this way you can also give a unique style to the CALL TO ACTION. On your Kajabi login page.


As you can see, Kajabi remains a platform that is easy to use but at the same time full of customizations that make it very easy for you to make each of its elements unique, just like the trivial login page that... then so trivial it is not since it will be one of the most loaded resources of your site.

If you want to see the end result of my page go here:

Optimize the Kajabi Login Page is also useful to help your user and welcome them in the best way to your Academy, with fast loading, all useful information at the click of a button, and a satisfactory user experience.

For more information I recommend you also read this article where I answer the most common questions I receive about Kajabi.

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