I have compiled in an article, which I will most likely update over time, in which I answer the most frequently asked questions about Kajabi.

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1 What benefits does Kajabi offer?

As a brand ambassador and expert on this platform, I have tried to offer the answers in the simplest and most understandable way possible, maintaining objectivity and illustrating the various options and possibilities that this platform offers. Let's get started!

What is Kajabi?

Kajabi is the best all-in-one online marketing platform there is. It encapsulates all the features and services you need to launch, push and grow an online business: course area, video hosting, website, blog, e-mail marketing, automation, affiliations, community and more.

It was created by a team of experts about 10 years ago and this is its third "life." Today Kajabi is the most widely used platform in the world by professionals of the caliber of Brendon Burchard, Amy Porterfield, Neil Patel, just to name a few Americans, but also by me, Valerio Fioretti, and by Marco Scabia, Antonio Panico, Giuseppe Gatti, Marco de Veglia, Luca Mazzucchelli and Marco Montemagno.

What benefits does Kajabi offer?

You have everything in one system, from the CRM of your contacts to your sales, from your website to your affiliate system to get your products and services promoted. Kajabi is not the collage of free or open-source platforms that are forced to work together, but is an integrated system that is designed from the ground up to work in perfect sync with all its elements.

It's like having an iPhone: you know it will always work and there will be no glitches.

How difficult is it to use Kajabi?

Kajabi is very easy to use.
I always compare it to an iPad because of its simplicity.
There may be some steps or logic that may elude you at first, but nothing complicated, plus thanks to the my free online course all in Italian you will be able to see step by step, every single section of Kajabi and understand how it works in just a few minutes.

Can I link different sites to Kajabi?

You can follow one of these four options:

1) register a new domain and link it to Kajabi, I for a long time had www.valerio.academy as the domain for my content on Kajabi.

2) Create a subdomain of your main site link it to Kajabi, for example: store.mysite.com

3) Transfer all the content you have on your current site to Kajabi and redirect your domain, as I did with www.valerio.it

4) You use the URL with the subdomain that Kajabi provides, for example: valerio.mykajabi.com

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Whatever choice you make is fine. The important thing is that it is the one that is most practical and versatile for you to implement.

When Kajabi in his offer talks about "Web Site" what does he mean?

Website in Kajabi means the individual installations you can have of Kajabi. If your plan, for example, includes 2 websites, it means that you can have 2 completely autonomous and separate Kajabi that nothing will have in common. Contacts, sales, products, landing pages, domains--each one its own.

Also the features of your plan are not divided among the various websites, meaning that if you have 10,000 users, you will have for each website or installation of Kajabi.

What kind of products can I sell in Kajabi?

You can sell a little bit of everything.
It is optimized for video courses, communities, and digital files (PDFs) but you can also use it to sell admissions to events, consulting, coaching, and any other product that does not require warehouse or inventory management. You can also sell products on installment, recurring subscription, or fixed price basis.

How does the community product work?

This is one of the new products introduced by Kajabi in 2019, it is a product that unlike others, is structured to manage a community.

As if it were a private Facebook group, your users will be able to post content and interact with you and your collaborators, but unlike a Facebook group you have these advantages:

1) you are not on a platform you have no control over (Facebook).

2) There are no distractions or notifications of any kind that can divert the focus away from your customers.

3) The community module is for all intents and purposes a product, so you can manage it as such: free, one-time fee, installment, or subscription.

4) You have everything integrated, e.g., your community members are automatically linked to your payment systems that determine whether they are in good standing (community access is granted) or have not paid (community access is blocked).

What types of payments can I request from my clients through Kajabi?

Kajabi allows you to hook up both a Paypal and a Stripe account, so you can receive payments with all credit cards as well. If you have both, customers can choose, at the time of purchase, how to pay you. The money you receive will go into your Paypal account or your checking account.

Does Kajabi withhold anything from my sales?

NO. Kajabi does not withhold any money, either as a percentage or fixed. Everything you sell is yours.

Does Kajabi offer ready-to-use templates?

Yes there are dozens of free templates you can access, which you can modify to your liking and use for your own campaigns. Kajabi has an extremely simple and effective page and site creation editor.
Pages ALWAYS work and on any device.

Can I install plugins in Kajabi?

No because the system does not provide it, but if you are a programmer or want to hire one, you can intervene at the page code and style level, create Javascript and add extra modules created on your behalf.

Can I connect other platforms to Kajabi?

Yes Kajabi natively provides for connection with some platforms such as Facebook for the pixel, Google Analytics and then Active Campaign, Mailchimp, ConvertKit and many others. However, you can also use Zapier to connect you to over 1000 external platforms or apps.

Is Kajabi based on WordPress?

No, it is a proprietary cloud-based platform.

Should I upload files, install components, use FTP or MySql?

Absolutely not and this is one of the greatest strengths of Kajabi, you don't have to be a technician at all to use it and you don't have to fiddle with files, uploads or such difficult things. As soon as you buy Kajabi you can be up and running and start selling in less than 1 hour.

Should I buy an SSL certificate?

No is provided to you.

Does Kajabi work with the Facebook pixel? Can I track the use of the platform?

Of course it does!
You simply enter your pixel ID code and Kajabi will automatically place it on all pages adding the right events at the right time, thus tracking the lead, the page visit, the start of a sale, and the conclusion of a sale.

You can also track the progress of your online courses and see, for each customer, how much they have consumed of your content.

Can I create surveys and quizzes?

Yes, and you can also make them automatic and allow approval or rejection of a user. With automations, you can also make it possible for a user to access or block certain content, based on their achievement in the quiz.

You talk to me about 30 products: but is a 30 Lessons video course considered a single product or 30 products?

A product in Kajabi is not represented by the individual video uploaded, but by the individual item you sell, for example, the entire online course, consisting of categories and posts. Posts contain audio, text, and video. Each product can have an unlimited amount of content.

So if your plan has 30 products, ideally your Kajabi can contain thousands of videos, texts and files.

30 video lessons, when compiled into one product, are worth one.

How many videos can I upload?

Unlimited and each video can think up to 4 Gb. All Kajabi video hosting is on the world's best platform for this kind of media: Wistia.

You can upload unlimited videos not only in the course area but also on the website, blog, and landing pages.

How many landing pages can I create?

It depends on your plan, such as for the Kajabi 2X plan you can create unlimited landing pages.

If I buy Kajabi on promotion today, what do I pay next year?

When you purchase Kajabi you keep the fee you have joined forever.
So if you now buy the 2X plan next year (or next month) you will have no surprises, everything will be renewed under the same conditions.

Does Kajabi update the platform often? Does he charge anything?

The Kajabi team is constantly working on the platform and applying updates in 6-8 week cycles. It means that every 2 months or so there are updates, improvements, and new features. All upgrades are always included in your plan and you don't have to pay any extra.

How many funnels can they create?

In Kajabi, funnels are called Pipelines and their number depends on the plan you have chosen.

In any case, since you can create unlimited landing pages, you have no constraints in creating funnels by linking landing pages to each other, easily exceeding the amount set by the plan. Pipelines have the convenience of graphically representing to you in a single screen the various landing pages linked together, but in terms of functionality, there is no difference with creating standard landing pages.

What kind of automations can I create?

You can create all kinds of automations with the construct: IF - THEN - THAT.

IF something happens in Kajabi - THEN make THAT happen.

You can apply concatenated conditions and automations.

A practical example: I want a customer who purchases a product to receive a tag and then an email sequence in which I explain how best to use it, and at the same time exit the email sequence in which I promote the product in question.

With Kajabi's automation system, I can create this mechanism in less than 5 minutes.

Does Kajabi also allow automatic billing? That is, the order arrives and the invoice starts automatically?

Kajabi is an international marketing system and has not adapted to electronic invoicing, since it is an all-Italian law.

When a customer purchases, a receipt from Kajabi and a receipt from the payment system (Paypal or Stripe) are issued and sent.

The salesperson gets an e-mail notification, and at this point invoices can be drafted and issued manually. If there are a lot of sales, I recommend linking Kajabi via appropriate external apps, to your management system.

I, for example, did this by connecting Kajabi to "Invoices in the Cloud," automating the whole billing system. If you are interested in this feature, please contact me, I can put you in touch with the programmer who followed me.

What I did was to build a platform that connects the Stripe and Paypal payment systems to Cloud Invoices. The advantage is that I can create invoices and be in compliance with customer data no matter what platform I sell from (Kajabi, Clickfunnels, Systeme, Woocommerce, Shopify...).

If you are interested please contact me. 

What happens if I then have another website to add because I have more business?

If you have more than one business and your plan is no longer enough, you can always request a plan upgrade from Kajabi.

Is Kajabi in Italian?

Kajabi in the back-end (management) is in English but it is very easy to use, in any case I created a whole course in Italian where I explain step by step how to use Kajabi. The public part, the part your customers see, is already translated into Italian and you can still intervene if you want to change some elements and translate them differently.

Who is Kajabi for?

Kajabi is for creators, that is, anyone who generates content and wants to monetize it. It is the ideal platform for those who want to sell their knowledge, knowledge and experience, putting them at the service of their customers.

The niches and markets are among the widest and most diverse, some examples I know of:
- Yoga and wellness
- Fitness and training
- Beauty
- Kitchen
- Tourism and guides
- Business management and marketing
- Personal development and motivation
- Consulting and coaching

In a nutshell: any knowledge-based topic can be turned into a product (video, audio or text) and be published and sold easily in Kajabi.

For who is not Kajabi?

Kajabi is not an e-commerce platform if you sell physical products. You can find ways to exploit it this way if your products are few (10-15) and don't have many variations (size, color...) and you don't have to manage the warehouse.

However, I believe that it can be an ideal support platform for your customers who, after buying the physical product from your e-commerce, can have up-to-date information, training and a community, managed excellently with Kajabi.

Why does Kajabi cost so much?

Do you really think it costs that much?
If you add up all the services you may need: auto responders, hosting, various plugins, video hosting, affiliate platform, funnel, landing page, member area, automations, sales carts, etc., you easily exceed €500/month.

With Kajabi, the costs are much lower and you save an avalanche of time because you don't have to figure out how to make different systems talk to each other; everything is already integrated, working, and each part of the platform talks to the other without you having to intervene.

Why does Kajabi cost so little?

Kajabi boasts an extremely loyal international community of clients, plus it has raised private funds from investors who understood its strength and potential, among them Brendon Burchard, the well-known speaker and expert in personal growth and online marketing who, as a client decided to invest in Kajabi.

Lately Kajabi's CEO has hired Ryan Deiss' former partner and founder of DigitalMarketer as president, who has made sure through his corporate and marketing policies to greatly increase Kajabi's commercial reach worldwide.

Compared to other all-in-one platforms, Kajabi definitely costs more, but it is much more powerful, versatile, and easy to use.


I am biased, I admit. I push Kajabi and actively promote it but with good reason. After using and buying everything the market has to offer - and I still do! - I have realized that this is the best solution for those who want to create, launch or push their business online.

I have moved my entire business to this platform and would never have done so, jeopardizing my brand and my businesses, if I was not fully convinced and satisfied.

They are the best example of what a platform like this can do, and I encourage you to try it.

NOW Kajabi is offering, until midnight on Sunday, March 31, 2019, an incredible promo that for the same plan (only $199 per month or $1908 per year) allows you to have DOUBLE of its features.

To this promo I have added a number of my exclusive bonuses.

Find all the info here: Kajabi 2X + Bonus Valerio

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