When people talk about marketing, especially on my blog, they immediately think of advertising platforms or digital strategies for social media, when not many people know that a good part of my marketing is also founded on physical products such as personalized stickers or diaries.

For years now I have been producing a series of printed newsletters, books, notebooks and journals, cards, checklists, small gadgets and many, Many personalized stickers, that are packaged and shipped to members of my mentorship program, or as bonuses for customers who purchase certain products, or even as promotional materials that I create as a brand ambassador.

Printing is serious business-I know this well having forcibly begun my career as a web designer working in a print shop, as in 2000, clearing and selling the web to small businesses was a difficult thing.

And if printing is serious, in terms of quality and output, it becomes equally serious nowadays when you need even more quality and attention.

Anyone facing this task today wants to:

  • Having flexibility and choice, that is, many types of products to choose from.
  • Use a quick and easy system for ordering and reviewing the product to be printed.
  • Receive prompt and timely assistance.
  • Get the printed product quickly.

Finding a partner who meets these standards was (not) easy, and I went around several over the years until I finally found the absolute best, both in terms of quality and product choice and quality: Sticker Mule.

Personalized stickers: variations

Sticker Mule is the undisputed leader in small-format digital printing, specializing in custom stickers, going so far as to offer a choice of product variations that I have not found elsewhere.

Sticker Mule in fact can Make customized stickers in different ways:

  • full-cut
  • round
  • rectangular or square
  • ovals
  • Bumper stickers, a very American stuff 🙂 🙂
  • Full-sheet, half-cut, with rounded corners...
Custom Stickers with Sticker Mule

Not only that, they have also for some time now introduced different materials to print on, to give rise to holographic, vinyl, electrostatic, transparent or window stickers.

In short, everything you could ask of a print shop to get your custom stickers, Sticker Mule has it.

How to create custom stickers

One last super important note on the creation process, which is really simple and intuitive.

You have two ways to go: you already have your graphics or you have to create them from scratch.

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If you already have the file ready, once you have chosen product to print, simply upload it and then wait a couple of hours at most to receive a preview from the Sticker Mule staff. You'll be able to see on screen if the final rendering of your custom sticker is how you want it, and you can decide whether to send to print or request changes.

The second way is to use the new Studio platform, a simple and free online interface designed for beginners or those without graphic design skills, through which you can create your graphics and send them to print with 1 click.

The procedure for sending custom stickers to print
The procedure for sending custom stickers to print.


Sticker Mule is certainly a reliable and quality supplier, and the thing I like the most is that they specialize in custom stickers and small gadgets, without necessarily wanting to do everything. While online you can find many print shops or screen printers that offer any kind of printable solution or product, however, often the result they get is disappointing because they don't excel at anything in particular.

In addition to the extremely advantageous prices even for very small quantities, another thing I really like is the process of file submission and verification by their staff. In the many years that I have been printing custom stickers, it has never happened that they have missed a delivery.

If you're looking for a quick, affordable and high-quality solution for your custom stickers, Sticker Mule is your printer.

Promotion for Valerio.it users

If you create your account on Sticker Mule using THIS LINK, you will get a gift of €9 that will be awarded to you by spending at least another €9 on any product in their catalog. So, for example, if you spend €20 on stickers, €9 will be credited to you.

Not bad, right?

An excellent opportunity to experience the quality of Sticker Mule's custom stickers.

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