One of the best ways to make money is to spend the money you have well ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

Don't take me for a fool, but here's the thing: If you spend 10 to do any one thing and suddenly discover a way to do it the same (or better) while spending half as much, that means you put 5 in your pocket.

In my work I need many, many things: software, tools, platforms, apps--and all of them inevitably have a cost.

The tools you need

A short and incomplete list: email marketing, blog, website, landing page, funnel, hosting, video (hosting and player), shopping cart, up sell system, reserved area and course area, affiliate system, automation, lead generation form, CRM, statistics...

Do they need all these things?

Yes, if you want to work seriously and professionally.

Are they difficult to use?

Taken individually no, but if you have to make them all work together it can become a real ordeal.

Let me give you a practical example that is absolutely common to all online businesses: selling a course.

Here's what happens:

  1. A user on your list clicks on the link that leads to the sales page.
  2. A system tags (tracks) this user, and puts him or her on a special "launch" list.
  3. This action triggers an automatic email sequence after a few hours BUT only if the user has not already bought.
  4. When the user buys it ends up on the cart, and if you want to maximize profits you have to add a bumper offer.
  5. The system has to figure out whether the user is already your customer or not, otherwise it risks creating a double account or making some mess.
  6. The user buys and then is taken to the UPSELL which must be a 1-CLICK-UPSELL i.e. he can add the new product to the order without re-entering all his data.
  7. Once the purchase is completed, the system must cross-reference the data to see if the sale is from any affiliates and possibly award the commission.
  8. Access to the online course is generated.
  9. Credentials are sent if it is a new client.
  10. The welcome email is sent.
  11. A payment receipt is sent.
  12. The client logs into the course area and finds what he bought but ... with DRIP FEED, that is, he will only see the unlocked modules.
  13. Over time, the system automatically unlocks new videos.
  14. At the same rate, the system sends an email to inform of new content available.
  15. The same system sends a notification to the student's cell phone.
  16. If the customer has paid in installments, periodic charges are processed.
  17. If it stops paying or there are problems, warning emails are sent to the customer and me.
  18. The system will charge back the amounts in the following days.
  19. If the charges fail, the account is suspended automatically.
  20. I get notified of everything and have to have everything under control with reports and alerts.

This is-in a nutshell-what happens when you buy a course from me.

Now think about doing all this yourself. By hand.

Or trying to automate everything by agreeing on 10 different platforms, using Zapier Or some other devilry.

Yes you can do it but you have to keep in mind 4 factors:

1. The difficulty of doing all this alone, Learning things that you are not in charge of at all.

2. The not at all remote possibility that something is not working, Blocking all of your business.

3. Time, The enormous amount of time this will all take from you.

And last but not least.

4. MONEY. Putting this together with so many platforms means spending thousands of Euros a year. And I'm not talking about 2 or 3 thousand Euros....

I used to spend over 15,000 a year.

Only email marketing alone went away โ‚ฌ400 /month ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

Kajabi solved all these problems

The best solution for me was to switch to KAJABI the best platform for those who want to do this kind of business online.

I say the best not because I am its brand ambassador, that I became one after choosing it, and after trying everything the market offered.

It is the end of 2019, and Kajabi is now, more than ever, a real powerhouse.

Thanks to Kajabi you have everything you need-and which I listed in this email-in one platform.

All integrated. All working. All foolproof ๐Ÿ™‚

They recently added 3 new features that would be workhorses for individual platforms.

1. Advanced statistics on your customer base: to get your numbers under control without risking overlooking anything.

2. New Landing Page Editor: to create pages that are mobile first, optimized, fast, beautiful and super easy to create.

3. Mobile App: to give all your students the ability to access their content via smartphone, with an easy (they don't even need a password), fast and intuitive system, thanks to which you can also send push notifications.

All this is included in any Kajabi subscription you choose, at no extra cost.

Be careful, though--over the years Kajabi has always done two things:

1. Improved the platform while keeping prices unchanged to those who were already subscribers.

2. Tweaked - upward - prices to new customers at the beginning of the year.

So if you want to launch, re-launch or give your digital business a major boost, and you still do NOT have Kajabi, now is the best time to create your account and get started right away.

You have all my support, with my free Italian trainings, and Kajabi's 30-day guarantee.

Find ==> all info and my BONUSes here and if you have any questions just reply to this email. I will be so happy to help you make the best choice for you.


Kajabi has evolved tremendously in recent months, and has fielded new features and updated many of its already powerful features.

These include:

  • New landing page editor (increasingly effective), website and blog.
  • New editor for e-mail marketing.
  • New automations.
  • Premium newsletters and podcasts.
  • New, better-performing mobile app with the "player" even with the device on standby.
  • Audio players and new opportunities for content monetization.

Not only that, now every 2 months all Kajabi users enjoy, at no extra cost, all the new features, thanks to the scheduled cycle of updates.

For example, a system dedicated to coaches and their clients is on the way (October 2021), with the ability to make appointments, get paid session by session or by subscription, track progress, and exchange content in an easy-to-use, confidential area.

Kajabi coaching feature

For more information on Kajabi I recommend you read. my FAQ article.

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