Although I have long opted for Kajabi for all my online business, WordPress is undoubtedly the CMS most widely used in the world: open source, flexible, expandable, scalable.

It requires certainly more skill and attention than other systems but, if it can be managed properly, it offers incredible opportunities.

Today I want to tell you about two services that do a great job, respectively. Optimizing your WordPress site in real time at each upload for each visit, and turning it into a real mobile app for iOS and Android.

Let's get started!

Wp Compress

Wp Compress

        That loading times are to be kept at bay we all know, as a matter of usability and courtesy to our visitor, but not everyone may know that Google greatly takes this parameter into account when deciding what score to give our site and thus, how high to make it rise in searches.

Images are perhaps the biggest - and most obvious - obstacle to slow loading of your website built with WordPress, and to think about re-uploading all the optimized images you've had on your website for years is sheer folly.

Do you really want to spend the next few weeks manually replacing every single photo you have posted?

I hope you are busy with more profitable things ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

The same goes for the new images you are going to insert.

Do you really want to waste valuable time, with each upload, in optimizing each and every PNG or JPG?

The answer is, once again, NO.

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Mind you, you should have the same precautions for any Javascripts, because those also consume bandwidth and dilate loading times. Only these, as opposed to images, are more difficult to optimize.

Wp Compress comes to our aid in an incredibly effective and-if you read all of this article-affordable way.

This service uses its own Artificial Intelligence algorithm and does an amazing job: it adapts images and scripts based on incoming visitor traffic, reduces loading times, bounce rates (your site's abandonment rate), and offers a better user experience.

How does he do it?

Simple: in real time analyzes, for each individual visitor, a number of parameters: device type (computer, tablet, smartphone), browser type, screen size, and geolocation.

In this way it is able, even through its CDN data distribution network, to offer each visitor the best, optimized image loaded from the node closest to him.

All this results in incredibly fast loading times.

Not only that. The user does not notice anything and everything happens behind the scenes.

Wp Compress

It also does more: with just a few clicks it allows you to optimize - saving space on your hosting - all the images you already have within WordPress, showing both the quality of the result and the actual gain.

Last noteworthy feature: it has already incorporated a system "customer/agency", in case you have a web agency it will be very convenient for you.

In fact, you will be able to assign quotas of your optimization ceiling to each individual customer and resell the service.

Wp Compress is on offer now - at the time I am publishing this post - on AppSumo the #1 marketplace to the world of platforms, as of $39 FOR LIFE, That is, without fees and subscriptions. You pay once, and it's yours forever.

On AppSumo it is for sale with a credit system, which is the number of optimizations you can request each month. The first level at $39 offers 250,000 optimizations per month, up to 5 million monthly optimizations, with the most expensive level from $199.

Buy Wp Compress FOR LIFE on AppSumo here.

Wp Compress


Would you like to have your own app in the App Store and Google Play?

Be honest... who wouldn't like that?

The problem is that creating a mobile app costs so much, requires incredibly advanced skills, and it takes a cert budget to keep it up to date.

In short, this is not good news for those who want to transform their site WordPress into an effective mobile app to be published in stores around the world.

Fortunately, someone has thought about it, sticking their nose into this niche that, until now, required too much time and money to be considered a viable strategy for many.

by7UVVySzqwpi4YuFq2A AppMySite

AppMySite Create sophisticated mobile apps in minutes thanks to artificial intelligence Applied to a proprietary app builder.

OK so many big words to say a simple thing: AppMySite takes your site and turns it into a full-fledged app.

It takes all the content you've already published and transforms it, including your WooCommerce store.

But let's see how he does it.

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First, it makes you choose the DESIGN of the app, through a simple wizard. You will be able to choose the initial background, icon, brand colors, etc...

A free library of high-quality images, templates and icons come to your aid at this delicate stage. So your app will look super professional.

Then we go into details, such as: logo, main banners, product categories, featured products and those on offer.

All data, I remind you, is captured in real time from your site WordPress / WooCommerce, so whenever you make some update in your store, they will also be reflected in your app, without the need to change it.

Activating these options is as easy as flipping a switch.

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Once the whole process is complete, all you have to do is synchronize all the content on your WordPress site and wait a few minutes for everything to load properly.

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OK we are at the final stage: test your app.

Before creating the files that you will then need to submit to the various app stores, you can test your app and see how it performs: browsing through products, simulating a sale, checking the blog loading, etc...

Of course, you will have a truthful view for both iOS and Android.

ZjheckApRGSFZVCwyjfK appmysite 4


Well, there is one more step-but it is optional-that allows you to add add-ons to make your app more functional, appealing, or even protect it (such as preventing users from taking screenshots).

Okay but how much does it cost?

isUOAZXkQ52sXKbPGA6b AppMySite pricing

Well, as for Wp Compress also AppMySite is on offer right now on AppSumo and you can get this amazing tool by paying for it once in a lifetime.

It starts from $39 for 3 apps from 3 websites, up to $399 for INFINITI websites and apps, ideal if you have a web agency or clients to resell the service to.

An important detail: I recommend that you buy at least the $99 version Because it is completely white-label i.e. without the branding AppMySite visible on any occasion.


For years I have been buying platforms on AppSumo and I recently became their partner, not for anything else but ... they are the best in the world (the founder was one of Mark Zuckerberg's first collaborators in Facebook) and the products they offer are always great.

In this case, for these two platforms, I thought they were worth letting you know more about since my team has also adopted them and tried them with enormous satisfaction.

Not only that. In case you are not at all satisfied, you have a full 60-day warranty offered by AppSumo. It means you can buy, activate and use any platform you buy, and if within 60 days of purchase you are not satisfied, you write 2 lines to Appsumo and they give you all your money back.

If you're looking for other useful WordPress plug-ins, I recommend this article - old but still valid - titled "The 10 Best Free WordPress Plugins."

Let me know if you try these platforms, and what results they have brought to your online business.

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