It was already mandatory since before the advent of GDPR to have a legal document posted on one's website, which contained the rules by which the data of our customers and contacts are handled.

But with the arrival of the new standard, this need has become even more stringent.

Handling personal data is not simple, and creating a privacy statement or privacy policy on your own is not easy.In addition to the protection of personal data and the protection of the data we keep, we need to make sure that our policy is always:

  1. Updated.
  2. Consistent with the services used.
  3. Highly visible.
  4. Available and easily accessible to all.

That is why I relied on Iubenda for everything related to this very delicate aspect of my online business, despite the many privacy policy generators out there.

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Privacy Introduction

Let's see how to create the privacy policy for our site using the deal that we find on AppSumo by Iubenda And I remind you that Iubenda is the Italian 100% platform is the best in the world for what concerns the creation of privacy policy and terms and conditions.

Privacy Policy Generator

Here you will find all the explanations in English however as you will see the Iubenda platform is in Italian there are three plans each of these corresponds to a number of licenses and a number of maximum views that you can have each month consider that you can create licenses or better create privacy policies or other legal documents also in other languages and each additional language consumes a license.

So if you have one site in four languages this is enough if you have five sites in five languages this is no longer enough but you need this the multiple plan.

It also has privacy policy management inside and up to 10 thousand businesses per month means you can store all the contacts who approve the use of their personal data inside a registry that has required in some cases by the GDPR.

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These plans are paid once in a lifetime so if you pay $177 or $118 or $59 you will have these features listed even with these that are common for all plans forever without subscriptions and without any additional payment.

Let us now look at how to create a privacy policy going right through AppSumo and starting with registration.

After purchasing we find our products within My Account, My Products.

As you see I took three licenses I take the first one I go to Redeem.

Then indications are given of what codes I have available or rather just the code itself and the link to use.

Just click here to open a new window:

  • We accept.
  • Let's go to this special page.
  • At this point I enter the code.
  • Click here. I paste. And it tells me if I have multiple codes I can add them separating with a hoot.
  • So I create a space.
  • I'm going back to AppSumo.
  • I'm going back to My Products.
  • I go to number 2 on the second code I copy it.
  • I come back here.
  • I paste it.
  • I make a space.
  • I'm going back to AppSumo.
  • My Products.
  • I'm going to go to number 3.
  • Redeem. Copy. Paste.

Okay now I'm going to click the button.

I am asked to create an account. I create my account. Okay. There are Iubenda terms and conditions to accept.


Iubenda: Privacy Policy

Okay, it asks me for a verification email. Now just go to your email and click on the link to confirm. I'm going to pause for this, for this step, I'll see you again as soon as I've completed.

Perfect I confirmed the link in my email and now I am automatically within Iubenda. Now first thing and to make it easier. Let's change the language and bring it to Italian.

We accept the notice and begin the generation of our privacy policy. So start the generation for example for our website.

We choose the language in Italian.

Let's say I have to do this for Start the generation.

I choose in this case the privacy policy I could also do.

Terms and conditions, the consent solution, and it depends on the ones we need. The mechanism is always the same as we will see it is very very easy.

Let's start with the privacy and cookie policy.

We wait a few moments for it to load.

Okay now what we do. From here we add the services that we use on our website that are in some way subject to privacy regulations or rules.

Related Privacy

So let's add a service.

And here we have a very convenient search engine where there are currently already 1529 possible services that we use within perhaps our website.

We should get the ones we need.

On the right you will find the ones that are usually most used.

So definitely mailing list.

So I collect data for mailing lists and newsletters and it asks me what kinds of data I can collect. Usually. But I usually only collect name and email addresses. I may not necessarily collect others, though.

So. Good or bad I'm including all of you. So I'm sure.

This means that in the vast majority of cases I will only ask for the name and email address but maybe do a survey linked to my mailing list where I ask for the profession the city the province the business name and other things.

Perfect duration. There is no cook in this case except for the changes. Instead, let's see how it adds maybe a service from the list and not from favorites.

For example I make payments with written and then add Stripe.

Okay. And Stripe with automatic request is fine too. Then I'm going to charge by PayPal as well. And then we add PayPal. PayPal buttons and widgets. And then there's selling goods and services online. Absolutely.

So as seen it is super easy and super simple to choose the services we are using. Here they are put in alphabetical order.

Here is the search. Here are the most used ones and the ones that have already been added while here you go by categories so for example if I go to contact user.

Related Privacy Policy for each service

We can add maybe that I can ask for contact by phone and that I have a contact form where I ask but usually very little but not to make a mistake we put everything and so on like that.

We are pointing exactly. To our privacy policy.

All. The fields that maybe our contact form has.

That any user of our website then can check because it is regulated by the policy.

That we created. Let's see what happens at the end when we are satisfied we have added all our services and look we can really add all of them if we want we do save and close.

Okay so let's move on.

Privacy Policy

Let's wait for it to cascade ok here now we have some features for example it applies higher levels of protection from GDPR to EU users ability CCPA clause for California users but I don't have it enable clauses for Brazil users.

I have no users in Brazil.

Here I can add another language and here I can activate the cookie policy just do it with one click.

Advanced options. What we have.

We have force updating a document when we will insert our document somewhere and have it edited here and on the other side better where we are going to include a embed. We will find it.

I like that it is this site and not this app.

Moving on. Perfect name and business name full address.

So. Start Me Hub Srl, Via Galasso da Carpi 1 62100 Macerata MC. Mail: info at Start Me Hub dot com.

This is the data that will be used to define the company and define the contact within the document.

Okay here is the privacy policy has been generated.

Here is the summary part and then there is also the full part.

What we have, we have done, take me to the instructions.

Okay so we end up back at the screen that we had seen before initial only now down here we have the White Label check mark and we don't show that it's on Iubenda. If we want.

Privacy Policy document

We can use the simplified privacy policy or the more complex one.

We can choose the style whether it's light, dark or no style, because maybe we put it inside a website that already has its own style, so it inherits its graphics from there, and as you see changing these directions also changes the color of the button. OK.

Or we can use a direct link.

Or we can integrate the text within our website.

Just copy paste otherwise what we have a little button.

We have the link and we have embedding. The very interesting thing what is that by doing our privacy policy by linking to our website with a simple button to put in the footer we can embed it also then with the link in our newsletters and so on.

Generate the privacy policy yourself

These pages are hosted inside Iubenda and when we have to make any change in our privacy policy or other legal documents made with Iubenda by modifying them with Iubenda in real time they will be modified everywhere.

So we are always super super up-to-date.

Well that's it you'll just then copy paste these codes wherever you want to show the button the link or the text. You're all set while when you want to change your privacy policy just come back here.

Make change and change the services that both using the conditions under which you are bringing your users into contact with your company.

Conclusions: Low-cost Privacy Policy

Iubenda on AppSumo

I remind you that with AppSumo you have a chance to have Iubenda forever without paying royalties without paying subscriptions at $59 for five licenses to Life $118 for 15 licenses and only $177 for 25 licenses consider that with this amount you usually pay us be three or four months for a couple of websites.

Ok thank you again and I hope this tutorial is useful to you see you soon.

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