Audio, Private Podcasts and Artificial Intelligence

In this article I want to point out to you three platforms or tools particularly interesting, which work well together and give you the ability to easily create a original podcast or a audio product to distribute for free on Google Podcasts, iTunes, Spotify or sell to your users.

Don't know what a podcast is?
I will explain it in two lines: it is a radio program periodically recorded and distributed through some platforms and accessible through computer, cell phone or other device (e.g. Amazon Alexa).

There are all kinds: comedians, news, interviews, informative. And on every topic: cooking, health, sports, business, entertainment...

Any examples?
You can listen to all the episodes of my original podcast from here.

Listen to "Ryan Levesque's new book and LinkedIn strategies" on Spreaker.

Let's look in detail at some super interesting tools to make your podcast unique and original.

From text to speech with artificial intelligence

PLAY.HT is the platform that turns your texts into spoken audio, using artificial intelligence. It can generate speech in over 20 languages and has as many voices, male and female for each.

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At AppSumo you can buy a plan LIFETIME (pay once) based on the number of words you are going to convert each month.

It starts with $49 to convert up to 10,000 words each month.

Every month the counter resets, and you end up with the ability to convert another 10,000 words. On Appsumo you can buy up to 10 coupons and have a LIFETIME plan that allows you to convert 100,000 words each month. That's really a lot...

Some ideas on how you can use this tool to:

  1. Convert your blog posts to audio for your podcast.
  2. Enter the PLAYER in your blog posts to make them more accessible.
  3. Transform Old content in new media, especially when used in conjunction with Kajabi or to the next platform I mention below (Soundwise).
  4. Get the audio of your content for which you'd like to have speech but--you don't think you have a good voice, you have too much regional inflection, you don't have time, you don't have the right equipment....

If you want to make your podcast original, this platform will definitely come in handy. 

Private, paid and free podcasts

SOUNDWISE is a platform for the Private or paid PODCAST (but also public). It allows you to upload your audio files and distribute them only to users you give permission to or sell them online. Super easy, super accessible (it even has its own mobile app) and fun.

EuLFXyySR9WUBGMdIuB1 original soundwise podcasts

From there you can also create the landing page to sell your audio content, even in bundles (packages).

Costs $99 LIFETIME always on AppSumo.

Some interesting ideas for using it well:

  1. Transfer your podcast there current, and stop paying your podcast provider every month.
  2. Get the converted texts with PLAY.HT and make them a product for resale.
  3. Use your audios as BONUS For those who buy your products.
  4. Create playlists or bundles to give your potential customers a taste of the content you sell by offering confidential and protected access.

A paid podcast is undoubtedly an original podcast. All the usual podcast distribution platforms neither allow you to know who your listeners are nor to monetize.

With Soundwise you solve these two problems in one fell swoop.

Clean, quality podcast audio

BOUNCECAST is the last tool I present today but no less important. It automatically does that long, laborious and complicated work of cleaning up an audio file.

Once you subscribe to the platform you can download an app to your Mac or PC (soon to be on smartphones and tablets as well) and feed it your MP3 file. Using proprietary algorithms and Artificial Intelligence, it manages within minutes to analyze your audio and automatically clean it up.

Of course, you can also intervene on individual parameters and find the best combination for your needs, but in principle, the automatic setting is always fine.

Super cheap, costing only $39 LIFETIME on AppSumo.

You can buy more coupons if you want to use it on multiple locations, for example, if you have a team of collaborators.

What I found it useful for:

  1. Clean up the audio from the "click" Of the microphone.
  2. Eliminate the background noise, such as buzzing or other disturbances.
  3. Equalize the tones and volumes.
  4. Uniform volumes when there are several different voices, such as if you have recorded an interview.

Your can podcast can be as original as you want in content but if the audio is bad, you won't get very far. With Bouncecast you can clean up your audio and provide a quality experience for your listeners.

Best Microphones for Podcasts

There are different types and for all budgets, but having a good microphone from the very beginning of your audio adventure is essential. You can practically create a business for yourself using only your voice and a good microphone.

These are exactly the same models that I have:

RODE PodMic Podcast Microphone is the most professional microphone of the three, it costs only €115 but you need a mixer with an XLR socket to make it work.

I use it with this console - RODECaster Pro - With which you can create super professional podcasts. If you don't even know what I'm talking about, go to the next microphone 🙂 🙂

IZWMLqEYQpqdbhzinMqW 190606 rode rodecaster pro firmware update 120 robadaphones
Rodecaster PRO with the PODMic microphone

Blue Yeti USB is big, heavy, sensitive, and of excellent quality. It is my favorite microphone because it has a selector switch that allows it to operate in different modes, including a two-speaker mode, one in front of the other, for interviews.

m5ZgwianRUaTR36ILria blue yeti review

It is a USB desktop microphone, you use it with any Mac or Pc. It costs about €140, if you want something cheaper, the next one is for you.

Samson Meteor MIC USB and for only €98 you have a great microphone that you can plug into any computer on the fly. It's all metal, it's quality and it's super portable. You can screw it to a microphone stand or open its folding legs and use it on the table.

AM3z6JPFTqehF3VvE4vv Meteor Mic MacBook v1 display


If you already have a podcast or plan to launch one and make it original and eye-catching, I strongly recommend that you consider these tools and platforms for two reasons.

The first is that you They greatly simplify life, giving you the ability to do a lot more in less time, and that for you means having more leeway to create more episodes of your podcast or to devote yourself to something else.

Just think of the convenience of having your texts quickly transformed into speech.

The second reason is. qualitative.

Using a platform that cleans your audio, availing yourself of a quality microphone, and offering your listeners a unique experience with private podcasts is certainly something that allows you to stand out from the crowd and get great results.

Now tell me.

Are you planning to do anything with your audios?
Do you already have a podcast?
Are you thinking of launching one?

If you'd like to tell me in the comments below or share this article on your channels, on your blog, and with your contacts!

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