That I'm a big fan of is no secret, I've said it before on several occasions, both here on the blog and in public at my seminars, and this social all about beauty has really won me over.

Now that it has also grabbed (I don't know at what price) the domain (it used to be like facebook, which was and expanded its user base and companies, it is really a magnet.

Tonight I spent almost 40 minutes giving fancy (kind of like LIKEs) to many things, beautiful and strange, elegant and tacky, but all with something in common: high-quality images and the ability to purchase them. And in those 40 minutes I unbeknownst to me unlocked 4 coupons from 10% to 30%.

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Now--beyond the pure fun and dickishness, can be very interesting for business, let's see some ideas:

  • Monitoring trends: I would say it's the most obvious thing, just do some research and see right away which products pull the most. We can use this if we sell products in that niche, if we are looking for products to promote as affiliates or if we want to study the competition.
  • Selling their own products: Is yes...! Because is a pretty good e-commerce platform. You can open your own business profile and sell your goods through the platform, in a "social" way. Fancy will follow all the transaction part and give you the chance to increase the exposure of your brand and products, as well as give you extra business opportunities.
    More info here:
    This is in my opinion the real innovation after the boom/flop of Groupon and company, if nothing else they are innovative the way they present products and interact with the audience. Oh I forgot, mobile apps are great!
  • Promoting coupons: if someone makes a FANCY on your product, you can set them up to receive a discount coupon. They will find it both in notifications and in the inbox, thanks to an email that will promptly be sent. Not bad for making a product or event go viral....
  • To be used like Pinterest (but it's nicer): that is, you can create your own boards where you post images, have people follow you, post links to your site...

That's just for starters. But the important thing is that whatever you publish is FANCY!

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