Valerio Fioretti

Marketing Coach

Awarded Best Corporate Marketing Consultant 2022

Marketing coach.

Valerio Fioretti is the marketing coach for businesses. Through targeted consulting, valuable content, and training courses, he transforms his clients' businesses by leading them to success using effective digital strategies.

Unlike all the other consultants and coaches who aim to teach hobbyists or aspiring marketers, Valerio offers specialized training and operational advice on marketing only to entrepreneurs who want to take full advantage of its incredible opportunities and be two steps ahead of their competitors.

This means specialized training and customized consulting, aimed at transferring to the enterprise--simply, quickly, and directly--only the strategies it needs to be on top and achieve measurable results.

Valerio was awarded Best Corporate Marketing Consultant 2022.

Valerio Fioretti Marketing Coach and Marco Montemagno

Experiences in digital marketing strategy.

Throughout his career, Valerio has taught classroom digital marketing courses to students of all grades, helping 5-year-olds to approach the web safely, all the way to high schools where he teaches advertising graphics and multimedia, and on to postgraduate master's degrees.

Among various experiences, we find speeches, seminars and lectio magistralis at different Italian universities such as "La Sapienza" in Rome, "La Tuscia" in Viterbo, UNIMC in Macerata and UNICAM in Camerino.

Among many digital marketing projects we also find the conception and direction of the most important Master's degree in Web Marketing in Italy in 2014, as well as participation as a lecturer in courses held in specialized classrooms throughout Italy.

Cultivating from the age of 12 his incredible passion for computers and technology, he founded Image Now studio in 2000, now called Start Me Hub, focused on developing web portals, multimedia products, coaching in digital marketing, publishing and communications.

Since the year of its inception, the team has also developed high skills in the field of video post production and dvd authoring, carrying out important editorial projects for major Italian groups.

Valerio has worked with...

Med Store
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Business Coaching Italy
Envy 1973
Rome Three
Marche Region
Roi Editions
Adriatic Heart
FIAT Motor Village
Business Finder
Lotto Marche Exhibition
Sferisterio - Macerata Opera Festival

Over 550 5-star reviews on Trustpilot.

Massimo Chieruzzi
Co-Founder of AdEspresso

"If you create a positive impact in people's lives, if you try to do good, share your content and give to others, you will surely receive a lot of positive feedback."

Valerio Fioretti

Events, clients and recognition as a consultant and marketing coach.

Valerio has been invited as an expert in digital marketing as a speaker at various events such as Launch Formula Live, Internet Business Academy Live, Narrow Circle Live, Slashers (Marco Montemagno), Be-Wizard, Web Marketing Festival (We Make Future - WMF).

Valerio is a student of the great American masters such as Jeff Walker, Frank Kern and Brendon Burchard with whom he had the honor of sharing the internship in 2015 in Santa Clara (Silicon Valley) California during the World Greatest Speaker Training event.

As a coach and consultant in digital marketing, he has achieved incredible results relative to monetization of personal brands, online product launches, and e-commerce strategies on independent platforms and in marketplaces such as Amazon.

An expert in e-mail marketing and lead generation, he believes that anyone with something of value can share their knowledge and, with the right strategy, have resounding success on the Web.

Each month thousands of entrepreneurs access Valerio's content through social media, newsletter, blog and online seminars, while his Academy has more than 35,000 members.

Valerio's books have always been on best-seller lists on Amazon and are a reference for many professionals in the field.

Companies that Valerio has used Valerio's digital marketing strategies followed include:

FIAT, Arena, Cooperlat Trevalli, Andrea Morelli, SIDA, UNIMC, UNIROMA 3, ATAC, SMEA, DEFENX SA, iGuzzini, Wella Group, Gilead, Alfa Wassermann, EXA Media, Hobby & Works Publishing, Invidia 1973, Progenit, Ranocchi, Omada Design, 4 Man Consulting, Performance Strategies, Life Strategies, ROI editions.

Since October 2020, Valerio has been the marketing director of the Med Store Group, Italy's first Apple Premium Reseller, and marketing contact for Apple's Corporate/Enterprise services.

Valerio is brand ambassador of the world's leading online marketing platforms such as Kajabi (for which he curated the only course in digital marketing dedicated to this platform), AdEspresso, Putler and the very Italian platform PostPickr!

Valerio had the honor in 2013 of being appointed president of his city's CNA.

Awarded Best Corporate Marketing Consultant 2022

Valerio Fioretti: the expert navigator in the universe of modern marketing

In a world where marketing is evolving at a dizzying speed, companies are looking for safe guides to navigate the digital jungle.

Valerio Fioretti emerges as a beacon in this scenario, a prominent marketing coach ready to offer guidance, strategy and support.

Valerio Fioretti your Marketing Coach.

Valerio Fioretti is not simply a marketing expert: he is a master in the true essence of the word.

With years of experience behind him, Valerio has honed a unique approach, offering not only advice but training companies to understand and master marketing challenges on their own.

What does it mean to have Valerio Fioretti as

Marketing Coach

Customized training. In addition to providing valuable insights, Valerio is committed to teaching essential marketing skills.
His method is not limited to simple digital tools, but touches every aspect of marketing, from advanced copywriting techniques to market analysis.
Tailored strategy. Valerio knows that every company has a unique story. Therefore, he works closely with his clients to build tailored strategies, ensuring strong market positioning.
Ongoing support. With Valerio, you are never alone in your marketing journey. He offers brainstorming sessions, detailed reviews, and always a word of advice when you need it.
Analysis and optimization. Valerio does not stop at creation. Always striving for perfection, he continuously analyzes results to propose improvements and ensure maximum return on investment.
Unique approach. With years of experience, Valerio has developed a coaching program that combines theory and practice, offering his clients a clear roadmap to success.
Objective view. Being immersed in your business can cloud your vision. Valerio, with his outside eye, identifies blind spots and missed opportunities.
Smart investment. With Valerio, every euro spent on marketing is a euro well spent. His experience ensures effective use of resources, avoiding costly mistakes.

In an era when marketing can seem like a maze, Valerio Fioretti presents himself as the ideal guide. With his marketing coaching program, any company, regardless of its size or industry, can meet and exceed its goals.

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Valerio Fioretti is the web marketing specialist for small and medium-sized enterprises. Bestselling author, speaker, consultant, trainer and marketing coach.

Start Me Hub Ltd. is a registered publishing house.