Those who work in email marketing often find themselves struggling with the creation of advertising campaigns. It is very difficult not to get lost in front of the myriad possibilities. Where do you start when creating a new campaign? Where do you find the right content? Punctually one finds oneself with many good ideas, but which one is the best? A/B tests tell us. A/B testing is an effective method for checking the potential of an email marketing campaign. The first thing to do is to select casually from our mailing list two subgroups of users of equivalent number. Once the sample users have been chosen, we need to create two possible messages. This involves inventing two possible ways of communicating a single product or service and figuring out which one is successful in attracting the most users. It can be two subjects to see which gets the most opens. Or it can be two creative to see which one gets the most clicks. In setting up the A/B test, you can decide how many days to make it active for. When the time expires, the split test will return the result to you based on the message that produced the most conversion, according to the call-to-action principle.

A graphical report will show the results obtained and will automatically proceed to send the email that recorded more conversions. In case there is no significant difference between the two test solutions, the A/B test will proceed to automatically send option A to the rest of the list.

A/B Testing in Web Marketing

A/B testing allows you to analyze the results of an email marketing campaign. Market reactions are often different from the considerations and trends analyzed by email marketing companies, - explains Mireia Moreda, general manager of Spanish email marketing company ADmás. A/B testing is undoubtedly an excellent tool for business cost optimization. With A/B testing you can test content and creativity, email subject and subject design.

The fact remains that a campaign has many possible subjects, and until you try them, it is difficult to determine which one works best. Ditto for creative. One must always ask oneself. how to organize content to get the most clicks, where to place the logo, what image to use for the main product -stresses Alessandro Borghi, an expert in email marketing campaigns. A first help in the face of the infinity of possible solutions comes from experience. After sending thousands of campaigns, email marketing experts know that there are some formulas that work more than others. The trick, however, lies in always surprising users with new ideas, and here testing remains key. Another trick is personalization. it is important to collect data on user behavior so as to send increasingly personalized communications, based on strategies that produce certain results.

As an expert in the field, Alexander shifts our attention to additional solutions that double the possibilities and results produced by a simple A/B test. Faced with the many possible variables, one solution may be to test them in parallel. Therefore, why not talk about A/B/C/D testing. With this method, a different subject can be sent to each small subgroup: a subject with name personalization, one without, one with an offer price (to test spam filters, for example), and one with a symbol. And then each of these has many of its own sub-variants. Where to put the name? What symbol to use? Is it better to use the word car, car or vehicle? The other solution is to proceed by tree, by exclusion. You do an A/B test and submit the campaign. Then a B/C test and a send. Then a B/D test and a send, etc.

Therefore, the creativity of operators combined with new technologies can now guarantee better results in terms of both time and cost.

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