ChatGPT what is it? Since its launch in November 2022, it has been blowing up on the web and many are discovering its potential. But what is it and what can it be (really) useful for? I explain it in this article.

Valerio FiorettiChatGPT what it is, how it works (and why you should NOT fear it)

It is on everyone's lips-but probably many are not even sure what it is or what they can do with it.

What am I talking about?

Of Chat GPT, the platform developed by OpenAI and popularized a few months ago, which has the incredible ability to process text or code based on what you ask it to do.

I imagine that if you are not familiar with the craft, you may be fascinated and intrigued by it, immediately thinking what will happen then to all those people who have made digital writing their business...

Or you are just one of them and fear for your professional future.

In any case, I would like to reassure you right away: ChatGPT is certainly a useful tool, but it is unlikely to replace the hand of a copywriter o content writer And get the same results.

Fortunately, I say, the difference between a text written by a flesh-and-blood author and one made by a machine is there, and it shows-and even Google can recognize it!

That said, let's try to understand ChatGPT what it is and how exactly it works.

Below you will find everything explained clearly and simply.

Happy reading!

ChatGPT what is it?

ChatGPT stands for. Chat Generative Pre-Trained Transformer, an artificial intelligence program created by some Silicon Valley investors (including our friend Elon Musk) and presented to the world at the end of November 2022.

It is defined as a conversational AI service or a generative language model, able to understand human language and produce easily understandable writing, according to a question-answer format that certainly makes it interesting.

It seems it is this unique characteristic of his answering questions from the public that has attracted everyone's attention. 

Although he does not have true "intelligence" (he does not know what a word "means", but he knows how it is used), he can very effectively answer questions, write articles, summarize information and more.

The goal would be to make interaction with artificial intelligence more natural and intuitive, optimizing conversation and user use.

How does ChatGPT work?

I already know the first question in your head: but is it free?

Yes, ChatGPT is a free and accessible tool for everyone, which you just need to sign up for with your Google or Microsoft account (although, as of February 1, there is a paid subscription version called ChatGPT Plus).

The second question: but how exactly does it work?

ChatGPT uses a language processing tool to extract information from across the Web and respond to search queries or even full content requests (from the simple "how old is the president of the U.S. to "can you email my boss to tell him I'm off on Friday?").

So what is the difference with Google, for example?

Unlike a search engine, the answers it provides are original, which means it is not just a copy and paste from somewhere else on the Web, but it processes that information in its own conversational language.

In practice, ChatGPT is "trained" (programmed and reinforced) on a large amount of text, from which to generate coherent and well-written content, imitating writing styles, avoiding certain types, and learning from your questions (in fact, it is able to refine its answers as it goes along, memorizing what it has learned).

What ChatGPT is useful for (and what the disadvantages are)

Yes, we are certainly talking about a useful tool that can benefit experts in the field and beyond.

Being able to "learn" from the conversation it has with users is one of the points in its favor, because they make it able to adapt to different styles of interaction and offer increasingly relevant and personalized responses.

Since it is then free, it can be an interesting stimulus for those who wish to familiarize themselves with these new products of artificial intelligence.

In general, of course, it can be a starting point in writing digital content (articles by blog, email, product descriptions), providing from source of information and inspiration in creating a track.

It can definitely give you some good ideas, a first draft to work from, a structured text that you can edit, and more.

Please note that I do not use the term "first draft" at random: marketers should always re-read and edit content anyway, to ensure among other things that the information is accurate and useful to the audience.

In fact, the problem (one of many) is that ChatGPT cannot distinguish the correct information from the incorrect information it extracts from the Web: this means that the answers, while seemingly plausible, may be incorrect or meaningless.

In addition, all data provided by ChatGPT date back to 2021, so they may be outdated depending on the topic and produce content that is not completely up to date.

Conclusion (so what?)

It is clear that a service such as the one offered by ChatGPT offers an exciting and for others worrisome glimpse into the future.

There are those who see it as a new frontier, a bold new way to invent products, services and solutions; those who fear it is a kind of "information war machine."

I simply believe that no one is really right.

That it is a useful, versatile and even fun tool there is no doubt.

But the crux of the matter, I think, is this: you simply have to regard it as any tool that marketers can use to optimize their work.

ChatGPT can never replace people, BUT it can make their business more effective, faster, productive and, why not, profitable.

The important thing is to use it knowledgeably, always questioning the content it proposes and using common sense-as well as our brains (which Mother Nature so lovingly gave us) to evaluate its goodness and quality.

Always remembering that every successful business is based on human relationships, which only authentic and genuine communication can nurture, so as to resonate with the audience, promote trust in one's brand and cultivate a sense of authority toward everyone.

What about you, have you discovered or used ChatGPT yet?

Let me know in the comments!

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