I consider Marco De Veglia to be the greatest expert in brand positioning and one of the most skilled practitioners of web marketing I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.

His bestseller "Zero Competitors" is a veritable bible, full of indispensable tips, strategies, practical exercises and explanations that every professional or entrepreneur who wants to launch their own online business, must keep close to him at all times.

The definition that gives Amazon Of the book is this:

"How do you market to create a brand that "eliminates competitors" from your customer's mind? By using Brand Positioning, the strategy of identifying the message that differentiates you from your competitors and makes you the preferred choice. This book explains what Brand Positioning is and how to use it, with examples and a practical approach based on over twenty-five years of experience. The first "practical handbook of Brand Positioning," designed for the entrepreneur and also usable by small businesses, managers, and freelancers."

Brand Positioning

The definition of Brand Positioning is central and should be well understood by anyone who wants to launch or relaunch an online business.

What everyone thinks of is brand positioning as defining one's brand so that it can be clearly perceived by the public and thus appreciated by potential customers who understand the real value and usefulness of the product or service underneath.

What Marco conveys is brand positioning as a differentiating, unique and emerging idea of one's brand, so that it can be the guide or as in my case the manifesto of one's online business.

The real novelty of this booklet lies not only in the clear explanations and real-life examples or case studies, but in the exercises and procedures that can lead anyone to revise or build for the first time, their brand positioning, so as to develop brand monetization more incisively.

Brand Monetization

Not to be neglected, of course, is the ultimate goal: Monetizing the brand.

We certainly cannot overlook the fact that the basis of web marketing efforts is the monetization of one's online business.

With accurate brand positioning, everything becomes much smoother and clearer. In my specific case, for example, the exercise (repeated several times and by no means simple) of creating the brand positioning statement led to a clearer and awareness Of the activities to be carried out and the goals to be achieved.

Brand Positioning and Web Marketing

Let's take a look at the 3 most important things I found while reading-and re-reading-this book to improve my web marketing strategies.

  1. Perception of one's own potential. Thanks to Marco De Veglia's explanations, I was able to clear up dull spots in my positioning, unleashing creative and strategic ideas to improve my business by tapping into the untapped potential I was underestimating.
  2. Creation of the Brand Positioning Statement. This is the most important exercise in the entire book. From analyzing "who I am" to comparing myself to the competition. Through a guided process you can achieve definitions that improve your positioning and establish your uniqueness in the market.
  3. Case histories and examples. Many books often start with abstract concepts and try to take them to the terrain of practical application, with little result. Through a series of real case histories or fictitious but comprehensive examples, one is able to understand what is the right direction to take in shaping one's brand positioning.

With Marco De Veglia in Macerata - A Very Brand Positioning Lunch.With Marco De Veglia in Macerata - A Very Brand Positioning Lunch 🙂


In conclusion, I can do no more than recommend Marco De Veglia's book and urge you as much as possible to read and reread it, to put his rabbits into practice, and to propose it to your co-workers. The benefits will not be long in coming.

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