The Brand Ambassador represents a brand, promotes it and stimulates purchase among the public by putting his or her face to it personally. Here is what his role consists of and why it is so important for any company.

You know better than me: the world of marketing is constantly evolving.

What was once considered cutting-edge no longer works-ergo the days of one-way communication are long gone. 

Just look at the impact that all social platforms have had on our lives!

In all this, do you know what one of the biggest trends in the digital market is? The word of mouth.

Think about it: I imagine it's often happened to you, too, to evaluate what to buy or what not to buy based on the opinions of other people (whom you obviously trust and hold in esteem)... after all, we all do it, looking for and reading reviews on everything from a vacation hotel to the latest website plug in.

The power of suggestion is an amazing thing, and I talked about it well in my article on the Referral Marketing: people value the opinions of others; they seek advice from family, friends, and trust the recommendations of those they know and those they follow with admiration (yes, including influencers!).

What matters is always the relationship of trust.

Among the various figures who can act as "spokesmen" for a company, in more or less defined and diverse ways, that of the Brand Ambassador Is definitely one of the most important ones.

Have you ever heard of them? 

No, it has nothing to do with diplomats sent by various countries abroad....

Nor are they necessarily ultra-famous people.

There are many people out there who, while not international soccer players or Oscar-winning actors, can still have a significant impact on a brand's image.

Because that is essentially what it is all about: presenting a brand in a positive light, speaking well of a product or service through sincere endorsement of the company offering it. A way to increase the brand awareness and give consumers a memorable experience.

Then it's clear that it always has to be someone who has the means to do it (and you'll see what I mean in a moment)!

On the other hand, in a world where social media users exceed 4.5 billion people, it is understandable how any self-respecting brand looks precisely on digital platforms for professionals ready to become their representatives and promote their products and services.

Mind you, I used the word "professionals" not at random-I am talking to you about someone who does this work very seriously and who has a whole range of skills and qualities.

But let's start at the beginning: here's cWho is the Brand Ambassador, what does he or she do and why is it essential.

Who is the Brand Ambassador?

Whether you know anything about it or not, you may be confused by the concept of Brand Ambassadors because they are very similar to other common figures in web marketing, such as influencers or affiliates.

In fact, I have to tell you, this doubt fits: after all, we are always dealing with people who are authoritative enough to influence the opinions and choices of the public. The basic idea is always the same: Promote a brand to increase its sales (in exchange, of course, for recognition).

But then who specifically is the Brand Ambassador and what sets them apart?

A Brand Ambassador is a person who is hired and paid by a company to represent its brand, promote and support it through their words and actions.

Although an established online presence is important, it does not need to have millions of followers. What matters is its role as Thought Leader and the community he has been able to create around him.

It is kind of like the "face" of that brand, but also the voice and attitude toward its customers; it leverages already established networks and relationships to market it through various digital platforms.

What does the Brand Ambassador do?

A Brand Ambassador is chosen by a company to bring its products, message, and brand image closer to a growing audience. 

Its main objective is increase brand awareness and sales, creating and consolidating the relationship between the offer and the customer.

How? By mixing one's interpersonal skills with knowledge in the web marketing and in social networks, to stimulate interest in the brand and convert more and more people to purchase by communicating the value and benefits of a product.

Broadly speaking, among other things, so here is what it does:

  • It positively represents the brand in various contexts;
  • Create content (e.g., blog writing, newsletters, product reviews, videos, etc.);
  • Participates as a spokesperson in brand-related events, product launches and conferences;
  • Generate brand awareness Through word of mouth;
  • It is a authoritative expert of the product and a opinion leader In his community;
  • Provides feedback and information on new products/services;
  • He promotes the brand through his social media accounts;
  • Establishes and maintains long-term relationships with all target audiences.

Features and quality

Of course, if you're thinking about how to become a Brand Ambassador, it's not like there's a course for that: it's a role you can take on because of what you already do and the following you've built up regardless, which has led you to have an established online presence, an understanding of marketing, and a passion for building and maintaining relationships.

So let's say that a Brand Ambassador has three main characteristics: he or she is a good speaker, a good creator and a good digital marketer. All supported by his authority in the industry in which it operates and from a genuine appreciation of the product represented.

Does that seem a little too much?

I'll elaborate right away.

A Brand Ambassador must be able to interact with the public and be enthusiastic about sharing their opinions: the most important quality is the ability to communicate effectively and to connect with people. It must be able to engage potential customers by conveying the message and values of the brand it represents in a clear, simple and functional way. 

But it must also be a creative and intelligent author who can come up with valuable content to the target audience through various digital channels: blogs, newsletter, videos, posts... 

Consequently, he clearly needs to be able to use online platforms in the best and most strategic way possible and know the various web marketing tools, to take advantage of the full potential they make available.

This also means knowing the company thoroughly, the brand positioning and products, so that you are ready to answer customers' questions, earn their trust, and show them that that is exactly what they need.

Yeah, because all the best skills are of little use if they are not backed up by a position of authority and the authenticity of one's opinions.

More and more often you find sponsorship attempts around from people who don't really seem interested in what they're selling-and people are getting better and better at recognizing when it's all hooey.

Therefore, it is important for a Brand Ambassador to be the first active user of that product or service. Take me, for example: I have always been collaborating and promoting Kajabi, the best all-in-one platform for doing web marketing, because I can personally guarantee the quality of service and I just couldn't do without it.

Why the Brand Ambassador is important

Between the increasingly competitive market and consumers who are sometimes a bit "apathetic," it's hard for a brand to stand out... the secret is always to engage people from an emotional (and not just a rational) point of view - I also talk about it here, in my article on storytelling.

The goal, in practice, is to ensure that the public's perception of the brand is such that it causes them to trust and identify with its values-so as to stimulate the establishment of a long-term relationship and ultimately, convert them into loyal buyers.

Not only that, as I told you at the beginning, nowadays other people's opinions have a great influence on purchases: expert advice is considered more reliable than any traditional advertising.

That is why, of all the techniques available to a company to connect with its target audience, that of making use of the action of a Brand Ambassador is one of the most effective: giving a human face to the brand in fact makes it more credible, authentic and close to people.

A kind of bridge between the company and its audience, built on the experience, authority and interpersonal skills of the Brand Ambassador.

This type of word-of-mouth marketing works great: it gives credit, expresses satisfaction and gratitude, and encourages others to try or benefit from the product experience. 

Relationships, trust, influence, whatever you want to call them, are key, and the figure of the Brand Ambassador allows you to leverage these relationships to benefit yourself and the company in a variety of ways:

#1 Makes a brand tangible: a brand itself is nothing more than a name or an image, with which persine find it hard to identify; a face of reference, a real person who has all the required traits and shares the values is, on the other hand, much more concrete and consequently reliable.

#2 Complete the marketing team: with a Brand Ambassador, companies literally have a sales representative and an additional member of the marketing team, who helps with word-of-mouth marketing and spreading a positive image.

#3 Strengthens the brand's digital presence: already having its own reputation and following, it can reach many people through its content and also increase traffic to the company's web pages.

#4 Makes assistance and solves problems: because of its location and proximity to the public, it can handle any problems or negative reviews; it helps people on the path to purchase by answering important doubts and questions.

#5 Increases brand awareness and sales by providing the honesty that customers seek: supports a brand because they personally respect and recommend it because they truly believe in its quality, thus helping to gain new customers and retain current ones.


As you have realized, the Brand Ambassador plays a crucial role in any marketing and branding strategy. 

Appearing as the face of the company and, by providing the truest testimony of a product, it is seen as a reliable and trustworthy source. Understanding the value of this role and how it can best empower a brand can make a real difference.

Of course, like anything, an effective program requires time, resources, and a ad hoc planning; but to neglect such an opportunity would be a real shame.

Do you agree?

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