One of the secrets to success is learning from the experiences of others: reading the biographies of great entrepreneurs and discovering their stories teaches you how to believe in yourself and achieve your goals. Here are the top 7 to discover.

By making mistakes we learn, they say.

Very true, but.

What if you could save yourself some mistakes by learning from the experiences of those who have made them before you? 

Yeah, because it's easy to look with envy and admiration at all those great people who somehow They made it...

Extraordinary people who have accomplished something exceptional in their lives and achieved crazy results, becoming an innovative benchmark in their field.

I am referring especially to great entrepreneurs of the caliber of Elon Musk or Steve Jobs, who have shown that with commitment and dedication that anything is possible.

However, if you decide to learn more about them and their lives, you realize that after all, they are ordinary people, just like you, and that actually their virtue was that they had the strength to try and fail countless times before reaching the goal. 

And this was in the face of those who perhaps thought they were fools, that their ideas were not valid, and that they would never make it.

That's why reading the biographies of those who have been there before, those who failed over and over again before succeeding, is a great way both to motivate you and believe in yourself more, and to learn from the mistakes of others and reflect on how you can avoid them.

Think about it: you can read all the business books in the world, study strategies of branding, product development and sales; absorb all the knowledge you can to become an expert in your field (you know, authority is the key to your success), but that won't stop you from making mistakes (and quite often, too).

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that by looking to others' experiences for inspiration you will be able to do everything perfectly; but you will already be able to leave with the right mindset, to put a solid foundation for scaling your business. 

You can learn lessons from it to shape your future and get the satisfaction you deserve.

That's why today I offer you some of the best biographies of great entrepreneurs, visionary people who are now a reference point for many and whose history is absolutely worth knowing and learning more about.

#1 Elon Musk. Tesla, SpaceX and the challenge for an amazing future 

biographies of great entrepreneursWritten by popular U.S. journalist Ashlee Vance, the book chronicles the incredible career of Silicon Valley's bravest and most visionary entrepreneur-Elon Musk.

We are talking about one of the most extraordinary men of our time, who sees opportunities to be seized and problems to be solved before anyone else. One of the few endowed with sufficient dynamism and resourcefulness to disrupt multiple sectors at once.

The book offers a compelling portrait of his story and life stages, from his difficult childhood in South Africa to his success in global business, with exclusive anecdotes and details. Through more than fifty hours of conversation with Musk and nearly three hundred people interviewed, the author explores his character and vision, tracing his story through his innovations and ideas. The result is a portrait of a man with a complex personality who has transformed American industry, triggering new waves of innovation.

An excellent biography to inspire you to have ambitious plans by starting small and not minding the prejudices of others.

Check the price on Amazon.

#2 Steve Jobs: The authorized biography of the founder of Apple

steve jobs biographyI know, it sounds obvious, but among the best biographies of great entrepreneurs we cannot but consider that of Steve Jobs, the one who revolutionized the entire technology industry.

His story is told by Walter Isaacson, who tries to make you understand the personality of the protagonist in every aspect, with detailed information explained in simple and clear language.

The book is based on more than 40 interviews conducted over two years by the author with Jobs, his family members, friends, colleagues, and even rivals. You can find very frank and transparent accounts: although Jobs collaborated firsthand on the writing, he never placed any filters, encouraging everyone to honestly tell the whole truth about himself.

From childhood to college, through inventions, product launches, collaborations, and confrontations, the author talks about the creativity, passion, and intense personality of Apple's founder; he shows what he had to go through to achieve all that he accomplished and how his determination and tenacity made all the difference.

A rich biography that reveals all the aspects that shaped his unique and exceptional approach to business.

Check the price on Amazon.

#3 The Art of Victory: Autobiography of the Founder of Nike

phil knight biographyLet's talk about Phil Knight: if his name at first glance doesn't ring a bell, the name of his company, Nike, probably will.

In this autobiography, Phil himself humbly, truthfully, and entertainingly tells his story, which started with a $50 loan and went on to create an international business. Knight shares all the details of his journey, as well as insights into his leadership and business philosophy; he talks about the obstacles he overcame, the risks he took, and the sacrifices he made to make Nike what it is today.

The book is an honest reminder of what the path to business success really looks like: messy, precarious and full of mistakes.

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#4 Losing My Virginity: The Autobiography

biographies of great entrepreneursLosing My Virginity is billionaire entrepreneur Richard Branson's first autobiography, in which he himself traces the story of how he built the Virgin Group business empire, from the time he started with mail-order record sales to growing it into one of the largest global brands.

In the book, he recounts the most important events in his life, but also his personal and professional philosophies, including the belief that he should always work hard, yet not deprive himself of passions besides work.

By reading it, you can discover how Branson became successful and what mistakes he learned from along the way, reflecting on how his was also a story of hard work, commitment, and dedication.

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#5 Selling Everything. Jeff Bezos and the Amazon era.

jeff bezos biographyIn this biography, the author, Brad Stone, tells the story of Jeff Bezos' corporate culture and his constant ambition, which led to Amazon's growth and success.

With exclusive access to employees as well as family members, it gives you an insight into how the company came to be, the difficulties Bezos faced in building it, and the principles he uses to keep it at its optimal level.

A biography that can teach you a lot, particularly about management, leadership and innovation.

Check the price on Amazon.

#6 Alibaba: The story of Jack Ma and the company that changed the global economy

biography ali babaAnd speaking of Amazon... If you want to learn more about its main competitor, Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba, you can read this biography published by Duncan Clark.

The author tells the story of how this character, as a teacher, managed to build one of the most valuable companies in the world. Starting from scratch and after early failures, he in fact achieved global success thanks to his revolutionary ideas and their impact in the e-commerce industry.

A comprehensive history of Jack Ma's life and career path that can only inspire and motivate you in your own growth.

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#7 The Snowball - Warren Buffett and the Business of Life

warren buffet biographyWarren Buffett is one of the richest men in the world, known as an incredible investor and businessman.

The book, written by Alice Schroeder, presents a personal portrait of him, giving you intimate access to his life through years of one-on-one interviews with him. It reveals previously unpublished details about Buffet's childhood, career, and relationships, shedding light on his values and personal growth, and showing his human side.

His opinions, work, conflicts and achievements, along with his business philosophy, can be a fantastic source of inspiration for you.ù

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Whether you are an avid reader or not, I'm sure by now you've gotten the urge to discover one of the stories I just told you about. 

Sometimes, in fact, you happen to be already on the right track and just need a little push to go ahead and reach your goal: knowing how other people have managed to do it before you gives you the right charge and motivation to continue on your path with determination and success.

And what could be better than to follow the example of those who have achieved the most in their careers?

Be curious and never be satisfied with what you can discover and learn from others so that you have all the tools at your disposal to scale your business.

Happy reading!

Ps. If you know of any other interesting biographies of successful entrepreneurs, let me know here in the comments!

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