Knowing the best self-publishing platforms can help you, especially if you already know how to write a book, and the next step is figuring out how to publish it.

Publishing house or self publishing?

There are so many options when it comes to self-publish your book these days. Whether you are interested in traditional publishing, or just want the satisfaction of doing it yourself, you are spoiled for choice for platforms that offer authors an opportunity to get their work out into the world.

This article will explore the various types of self-publishing available on the market for those who want to self-publish their book and will give you a comprehensive overview of the best self-publishing platforms in Italy.

What is self-publishing and how it differs from traditional publishing

Traditional publishing is the process that involves signing a contract with a publishing house to have your book printed. You will then be entitled to an advance and royalties for each copy sold.

Self-Publishing, on the other hand, is when you take complete responsibility for the publishing process. This includes finding the right idea for your book, writing it, editing it, getting the code ISBN complete with bar codes, self-publish it without anyone else's help.

Self-publishing means that you are taking responsibility for everything that needs to happen to publish your book on your own. This includes implementing details such as formatting options for the paperback or eBook, deciding whether or not your book will be edited before publication, working closely with a designer to create an eye-catching cover, and deciding whether or not to have your book edited to have a final revision that is free of errors, and in a form that is grammatically unimpeachable.

The best self-publishing platforms available on the market

There are three different types of self-publishing platforms to choose from.

The first type is priced according to the amount of copies you want to print, which is called print on demand (POD). This may be better for those who already have an established audience or do not want to put money down before their book is published.

The second type is the traditional publication, but without agent or publisher fees. This may be more attractive to authors who want to keep all their profits since they will receive 100% of royalties minus printing costs.

The third type of self-publishing platform offers the royalty sharing. You can select this option if you want your book to be reviewed and potentially accepted by publishers, as well as the option to be listed in physical bookstores.

Best self-publishing platforms Amazon KDP

What are the best self-publishing platforms?

The comparison

Self-publishing your book just became easier than ever.

Thanks to the invention of digital technology, you can now publish your book in less time than it would take you to write it. Digital publishing platforms have made self-publishing accessible to everyone.

However, this ease has brought with it a wave of new questions and uncertainties: Which digital publishing platform is best?

Self-publishing has never been easier.

But what is the best self-publishing platform?

There are so many options available today that it can be a bit daunting to decide which one to choose. But don't worry: I'm here to help you!

Below you will find answers to all your questions about self-publishing platforms and I will direct you to the most reliable option for getting your book into print without hassle or stress.

What is a self-publishing platform?

Self-publishing can be defined as any form of publication that is not done through a traditional publisher, through this system you can go from printing your own book to publishing your work online.

The best self-publishing platforms available today are countless, and many more are constantly being created. A self-publishing platform is nothing more than an online platform designed for self-publication of text, submitted by the user, following size, formatting and paper type settings.

These platforms contain all the tools authors need to publish their writing, including editing software, social media integration, ebook formatting and more. They also, more often than not, provide access to a network of other writers who may have helpful advice or tips on how best to market their work.

Most of the best self-publishing platforms also have partnerships with established publishers who may consider your work for publication and distribution in bookstores.

You will need such a platform when you are ready to make the leap to publication without a traditional publisher or wanting to print one or two copies only, if you choose not to go to a traditional publisher.

Why use a self-publishing platform?

The best self-publishing platforms allow authors to easily publish their books. They are convenient because they do everything, including formatting the book and generating press releases.

Among the most popular self-publishing platforms today are. CreateSpace of Amazon and Lulu.

Among the best self-publishing platforms, Lulu deserves some attention because it has the largest market share of all other digital publishing platforms. In addition, it has an established and reputable history of working with authors, so you can trust its promises. You can print and distribute your book in a few weeks without any stress!

Better to use an independent or traditional publisher?

As with most things, indie and traditional publishing have pros and cons.

In general, indie publishing can allow you to quickly print your book without having to pay a publishing fee up front. However, this is not always the case. If you want your book cover to look professional, you may have to hire an artist or designer on your behalf.

This can be expensive, especially if you are self-publishing a large work or series of books. If you decide to go the route of a traditional publisher, it may be worthwhile to take advantage of the expertise of their staff.

Many publishing houses have editors who will help you refine your manuscript so that it is published in its best form. They also have marketing support that will help you get your book out into the world so that people can read it.

What are the best self-publishing platforms for beginners?

There are many publishing platforms to choose from, but one of the most popular is Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. The main advantage of this platform is that it is easy to use. In addition, KDP gives you access to some great features, such as the ability to make your book available on multiple devices, including Amazon Kindle, iOS devices, and more.

If you are interested in a digital publishing platform that offers ease of use and access to outstanding features, KDP is probably the best option.

What are the best self-publishing platforms for authors who have already published books?

The best self-publishing platform for authors who are familiar with publishing their own works is CreateSpace.

It is a digital platform that helps authors publish their books in print, earn royalties on each sale and give them access to the industry's largest distribution network.

CreateSpace, in fact, allows you to have complete control over the content and design of your book. If you are an experienced author, this option offers all the benefits of self-publishing without the hassles that come with it. If you do not want to invest in printing copies of your book or are not ready to commit to it, Kobo Writing Life Is an alternative.

With Kobo Writing Life, you can upload your manuscript and have it published in 48 hours!

In addition, with Kobo Publishing, you will have access to royalty payments and a global distribution network.

What are the best self-publishing platforms for authors who want to publish high-impact titles?

The best self-publishing platform for authors who want to publish a book quickly is Amazon. The company has already been in the publishing business for years and was the first to allow authors to publish from its website.

The platform allows you to upload your manuscript, receive feedback from other readers, and create a book cover. It also offers a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to publish the finished product.

However, Amazon also has disadvantages: authors do not have access to editing or marketing assistance.

If you want professional assistance with your project, this may not be the best option for you. Also, Amazon's pricing model may not suit your needs: the fee is based on pages read and title request.

What are the best self-publishing platforms for authors who want to aggressively market their book?

Although all self-publishing platforms have their pros and cons, some are better than others for marketing your book. Some platforms provide the tools to build a strong online presence for your book.

For example, Amazon is a platform that offers authors the opportunity to actively promote their book by participating in the program Kindle Unlimited. This program allows authors to earn royalties for each page read of their books and access to paid advertising opportunities.

Another type of platform that has proven to be effective in attracting people's attention is Kobo Writing Life. With this platform you can write an electronic book that will then be converted to e-book format and sold on Amazon. With this publishing option, you can add features such as audio or video recordings to give your readers more value than just words on a page.

You can also find platforms such as WriteLife o Publishizer that offer useful tools and resources for the creation of a authorial platform. These platforms allow authors to easily connect with readers and maintain interest in their next work.

All of these platforms offer different advantages, so it is best to read up on individual publishing options before choosing which one to use.

Resources and links to help you with self-publishing and start self-publishing your own books.

If you are still not sure where to start with your self-publishing journey, here are some resources and links to help you begin the process:

Self publishing Italy: Conclusions

Yes, you can do self-publishing in italy and the benefits of self-publishing your book include:

  • Higher profits since it is not necessary to share them with a publisher or agent.
  • Freedom and control on the design, layout, content, and even price of your book.
  • Less competition in the market Because there are fewer authors published than traditional publishers.

If these sound like good reasons why one would want to publish one's own books, be sure to explore all the possible options that today, more than hands How to write a book (find some useful tips here).

Best self-publishing platforms - How to write a book

Have you had a chance to publish a book yet?

What was your experience like?

Have you already found your favorite among the best self-publishing platforms available in Italy?

Let me know, so through your input I can shape future blog posts by providing more useful information based on the kind of feedback I receive from readers!

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      Hi Valerio, thank you for your article.
      I have a question:

      I would like to publish my picture book with Lulu, but I know that until a few years ago books published with that platform did not reach Italian bookstores. Do you know if that is still the case?

      Thank you very much!

      • Avatar of Valerio Valerio

        Hi Antony, unfortunately distribution is an entirely different matter than publication. Some platforms allow libraries to place an order, but usually these only do so at the explicit request of the customer, by default they do NOT make it to the shelves.

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