Let's start well with the title--you'll say--I've been wanting to write this for ages, now finally, I do.

Every day I talk about Online Marketing with entrepreneurs, professionals, novice colleagues, professional colleagues, and experts, and... either out of their own ignorance, or induced ignorance, or because they simply don't understand a c#*!?, they impose themselves and impose themselves on positions, and notions, that have no serious foundation.

Maybe reporting things they have made their own just from hearsay or going by intuition. I don't know about you, but it happens to me a lot.

Here come out pearls of NOT wisdom that can really ruin the life of your online business or simply waste your time and money.

Everything you know about FALSE WEB MARKETING.

Today the first three lies of this list of ten, which I had written on a slip of paper during a train trip some time ago. In strictly random order.

  1. LIE. SEO: The only way to succeed with an online business is to be on the first page of Google. Consequence: you fall prey to agencies that promise you impossible things or you throw money away on services that will make your ranking worse. TRUTH:SEO is dead as a central strategy on which to base one's online business. This does not mean that one should not study keywords, optimize content and follow all those best practices that make a website flawless in the eyes of search engines. SOLUTION: focus on your (original) content review the usability of your website, avoid building artificial backlinks.
  2. LIE: I must have a lot of fans (Likes) on Facebook. TRUTH: Likes are completely useless if the content you post is sparse, uninteresting, not posted regularly, and most importantly, that does not come from a strategy. SOLUTION: try to post interesting things that your fans like and make sure that they don't just stay there on Facebook, but that they go and learn more about it later on your website.
  3. LIE: they proposed a proprietary CMS that this agency XY developed, they told me that WordPress has so many problems, is prone to viruses, and that no one uses it for business. TRUTH: WordPress is simply, to date, the most widely used publishing platform for any type of content in the world. The fact that they're pitching you a proprietary CMS is just a blatant (is that how you say it?) business strategy to get you to a) spend a lot of money, b) keep you from getting others to get their hands on it, c) keep you as a customer until you decide to go out of business. SOLUTION: send them all the f@@?!!! and say, "You install WordPress for me properly, or I change vendors!" Think of the freedom of having a website that, tomorrow, anyone can help you develop, modify, update and implement. Without asking anyone's permission. Without being tied down. Without spending a fortune. Do you know what I do with WordPress? Blogs (of course!), showcase sites, galleries and image portfolios, E-Commerce (to make Magento shudder!), Intranet and Extranet networks, communities, social networks, forums, customer support, document and file repositories, management, private clubs, classified ads... I go on...?

Okay. I hope you enjoyed this first part.

In fact, you know what? Why don't you tell me what things you think are TRUE or FALSE? Things you've heard, things you've been told or tried to sell. Or if you have any doubts that you have.

Leave your comment below and I will gladly reply!

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