The best motivational podcasts help you find the drive to tackle your days and learn new ways to tap the full potential of your mind. Here is a list of the most interesting ones in Italian available on major audio platforms.

If you hang around my blog a bit, you know this: I like to give you some quality sources every now and then to draw on as needed.

Just as I did, for example, for the most beautiful personal growth books o i podcast on marketing most interesting, also in this article you will find a list of valuable content that can contribute to your success, personally and professionally.

Yes, we're still talking about podcasts, but of the "motivational" kind, the ones that can help you through the slightly more complicated situations or those mornings when you wake up and everything seems so damn hard to deal with.

That's right, because sometimes we just need someone to tell us what we need to hear-a pat on the back, even made up of words of encouragement, is often enough to get us on our feet and off on the right foot.

But not only that, every day we should try to do or be something better than the previous one; the basis for self-realization is to take care of one's body, mind and relationship with others through developing one's potential.

Here, in my opinion, podcasts are great tools: listening to other people's experiences, teachings, and success stories allows you to always learn, grow, and discover something new that you can apply to your life day after day.

But let's go in order: I'll explain a little more about what they are and why they can be so useful; then you'll find the list of best motivational podcasts in Italian to be heard on all major audio platforms.

What are motivational podcasts?

Maybe it's a given for you, or maybe you ask yourself some questions.

However, to keep everyone happy, let's quickly clarify what motivational podcasts are.

Okay, podcasts are now a very popular way of enjoying digital content. You can listen to them wherever you want and whenever you want, while doing anything that allows you to devote part of your attention to what you hear inside your headphones.

There are a lot of them on demand on various platforms (Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Spreaker, just to name the most popular ones) and they are often divided into multiple episodes-a bit like TV series.

(Incidentally, did you know that I have made a podcast, too? I share thoughts, tools, strategies, books, interviews and ideas for making a difference in online business and in life. You can find it here!)

And motivational, what does that mean?

Yes, that provide you with the right motivation to act, but in what sense?

Well, I have to tell you the truth: this is something that can encompass a wide range of topics-from business to sports, from mental coaching to meditation. In fact, you will see for yourself that the podcasts I offer differ from each other in the topics they cover.

Let's say, however, that there is always a common denominator at the base: the stimulus to keep you going, improving and having the success you deserve in your personal and professional life. They allow you to increase your awareness of what you would be able to do, with the right mindset and the right tools.

The format can also change: they can be interviews, monologues, reviews, testimonies of lived experiences - varying in length, of course, from a few minutes to more than an hour.

All you have to do is take other people's suggestions and use them to your advantage-if you think about it, after all, we are constantly feeding on other people's stories and experiences so that we can be inspired and learn something from them.

So here's how starting or ending your day with some of the best Italian proposals, from the ones I have selected for you, can make a difference and give you numerous benefits.

Why listen to motivational podcasts?

I don't know if you are already an avid user of this kind of content, but if not, I highly recommend you give it some thought.

Of good reasons to listen to motivational podcasts, there are several!

One we have already said: having more awareness of your capabilities and develop resilience In the face of the somewhat tougher times.

But not only that, it also helps you to cultivate your self-esteem. Think about the case when you have to go through a job interview and need to have your nerves in check. Here, knowing a few mental techniques of self-control and self confidence can enable you to stay sharp and make a super impression in front of the recruiter. 

Listening to a motivational podcast can help you to improve in problem solving, teaching you how to handle issues such as anxiety or excessive stress in the workplace and thus become more productive-as well as obviously more peaceful.

Content of this kind is usually a well of useful tips and very practical, which you can apply in your daily life; they come from experts in the field, among others, who give you a hand in changing the way you see things or finding the courage to make the right changes in your routines.

Have I been able to convince you?

Well, so here are 9 of the best Italian-language motivational podcasts (put in no particular order).

The best motivational podcasts in Italian

#1 Motivation and personal growth - Edobraa

best motivational podcasts

In this podcast you find short audios of a few minutes each, in which the author, a young boy named Edoardo Braccini, gives you the right charge and energy to face your days. It's a bit like a friend talking to you, who wants to support you in times of discouragement, but in addition, each episode is accompanied by selected music, which serves as a background to the message and follows a well-defined climax.

It is a bit like a friend talking to you, who wants to support you in times of discouragement, but in addition, each episode is accompanied by selected music, which serves as a backdrop to the message and follows a well-defined climax.

A mix of energy and positivity--a podcast with all the attributes, we can say, convenient to listen to anytime to get your daily motivation pill.

You can find him on Apple Podcast, Spotify e Audible.

#2 Talent Bay - Valerio Russo

best motivational podcasts

This podcast talks about personal growth, but not only that: it covers various topics, also related to business, success, marketing and finance. The author's goal is always to inspire you through a series of interviews with successful people (entrepreneurs, athletes, digital content creators), so that you can learn from their experience and get what you want.

In fact, in each episode, there is a character who shares habits, mindsets, and tools that have impacted his or her life, telling how he or she overcame limitations and fears and shared his or her own transformation-inciting you to do the same.

After all, what you give attention to then comes back to you amplified: investing some of your time in listening to stories of those who have made it will inevitably help you grow and improve.

You can find him on Apple Podcast, Spreaker, Spotify e Audible.

#3 Unmillimeterday - Silvia Pasqualini

best motivational podcasts

This podcast is by Silvia Pasqualini, a psychologist, psychotherapist, and coach, who wants to lead you to have more confidence in yourself to face commitments and difficulties with maximum energy. One step at a time (as the title reminds us), she takes you on a journey to discover the most common fears that threaten to paralyze you, giving you practical suggestions to reduce them and use them to your advantage.

Because while it is true that you may have a desire to improve and change, it is also true that it is difficult to find the right way to do so.In these episodes, which last about 15 to 20 minutes, you can then find energy and positivity to help you turn good intentions into daily practices.

You can listen to it on Spotify e Apple Podcast.

#4 I Believe - Francis Badgers

best motivational podcasts

In this very personal and autobiographical podcast, the author shares his own life experiences, with all the mixed emotions and difficulties he brings with him. This is not the classic self-referential account of someone who thinks he has now achieved himself and reached his goals; far from it: Francis is very sincere and transparent in what he says. 

The characteristic of his stories is that they are very close to what you might experience in your own life and you can therefore identify with them easily. They talk about fears, uncertainties and insecurities, but also about passions and awareness of your own potential, with all the opportunities that come with it.

You can listen to it on Apple Podcast, Spotify e Spreaker.

#5 Be My Diary - Scarlett Pivanti

best motivational podcasts

Think that the author recorded it starting in 2018, when this format was still in its infancy, and did it entirely at home using different microphones, to experiment with a different way of telling her story than usual. There are two seasons, in which Scarlett gives you a 13-week account of real life, with all the ins and outs.

She does it in a very intimate and deep way, so that you can get the feeling that one of your best friends who you have known forever is talking to you.

While it is true that there is no real handbook that will tell you how to live or give you the answers to the indecisions, choices, and insecurities you face on a day-to-day basis, it is equally true that other people's stories serve as examples from which to take all the cues you might need-and here you can listen to a great one.

You can find him on Apple Pdcast, Spotify e Spreaker.

#6 The Psinel Podcast - Gennaro Romagnoli

best motivational podcasts

Gennaro Romagnoli is a psychologist and psychotherapist well known in his field: in this podcast he uses all his knowledge, based on experience, scientific data and studies, to address a variety of topics related to psychology and personal growth. PSINEL (Neuro Linguistic Psychology) actually began as a blog and only then consolidated as an audio content offering.

There are many episodes (more than 300) and they vary in length (from about 20 minutes to almost an hour); in each one you find complex concepts explained in a very direct, but at the same time "light" way, so as to make them more pleasant and understandable, even by those who are not well-versed in the subject.

As the author himself says, he does not offer you simple solutions to problems, but concrete suggestions for a path of individual improvement aimed at success.

You can listen to it on Apple Podcast, Spotify e Speaker.

#7 Awake dreamers - Angelo Ricci

best motivational podcasts

More than a podcast, this is a real community, where all those who want to find their way and achieve in their personal and professional lives come together. It is a space where you can find inspiration, listening to stories of change and success, from those who have never stopped believing in achieving their goals.

Knowing that someone before you has made it is a great way to find the right grit and unleash your full potential. Most useful if you need a "jolt," to give what you do a boost and a new direction.

You can find him on Apple Podcast e Spotify.

#8 FreeMind - Matteo Neroni

best motivational podcasts

The title of this podcast is quite explanatory: the author, a Roman psychologist, wants to help you free your mind more and more every day from negativity and self-sabotage, eliminating the thoughts that can hinder your success. It is for all intents and purposes a psychology podcast, but one that can provide you with very useful tools and techniques to motivate you to pursue your goals, giving you the knowledge that you are the controller of your mind and that with it you can determine your winning path.

There is no shortage in all of this of contributions from various guests, who relate their experiences and share mental coaching strategies.

If you want to know how to give up bad habits, get rid of limiting beliefs and develop your potential, I would say this is right for you.

You can find him on Apple Podcast, Spotify e Speaker.

#9 Happy Daily - Giusi Valentini

best motivational podcasts

Giusi Valentini is a life coach which specifically targets female audiences and, in this podcast, brings together a whole series of interviews with extraordinary women who can inspire you to find the serenity you need to excel in every area of your life (of course, it is worth a listen even if you do not belong to the fairer sex).

It offers various coaching, yoga and guided meditation exercises in short (about 10 minutes) but very intense trainings to slowly spur you on to take charge of your life and improve activities and relationships.

For the author, motivation always comes first, regardless of what one is doing and who one is surrounded by: what matters is identifying the most appropriate way to turn doubts and fears into valuable insights for growth.

You can listen to it on Apple Podcast e Spotify.

Bonus track: the podcast of Luca Mazzucchelli

best motivational podcasts

Speaking of the best motivational podcasts, I cannot fail to mention the one by my friend Luca Mazzucchelli (who by the way I interviewed some time ago, find the transcript in this article). This is actually a transposition of his YouTube videos, but it contains a lot of educational material: in the various episodes, Luke covers topics ranging from personal growth to self-confidence, from procrastination to improving communication and interpersonal relationships.

"Let's Talk Psychology" (that's the title) offers psychological exercises, personal reflections and interviews with great psychologists, giving you useful and applicable advice in your daily life.

You can find him on Apple Podcast e Spotify.


So what do you think?

Have I succeeded in intriguing you?

I'm sure that some of the best motivational podcasts I've listed can do the trick for you, giving you a bit of a boost and a desire to put yourself out there.

Of course, there are plenty in English as well-but that's another story 😉

Now all you have to do is open your favorite audio platform and press play.

But first tell me, did you already know any of the ones I mentioned here? Or do you know any others that you think fall into this category and are worth listening to?

Let me know in the comments!

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