Improve the search engine positioning is definitely one of the most critical priorities for anyone who has or runs a website. The list I propose here, continuing also to what was said in Easy SEO in 3 Moves, consists of 5 simple tips that, if applied properly, will greatly improve ranking in both quality and time. Following these simple rules, the basis of theInternet Marketing, I am always able to have my Web site indexed within 24 hours and rank highly (often on page #1) within two weeks.

1. Choosing the domain to position the main keyword

If you are in the process of launching a new website, the domain name is definitely the first element to consider. Especially if the SEO factor plays a key role (e.g., in sites used for the memberships). The best thing is to register the domain identical to the main search key, for example: - in this case getting indexed for the keyword "restored antique furniture" will certainly be much easier. There are different schools of thought on using the hyphen between words, most SEO experts are of the opinion that registering the domain in this way: is less effective than in the previous example. I personally follow this theory. Then there are the extensions. Which ones to choose? Again, the best ranking seems to be obtained by domains .COM .NET and .ORG, I would add an exception when you want to index a site in your own country, in our case the .EN is great, as would be great the .CO.UK If our business was in Britain.

2. Optimize Page Titles and Meta Data.

It has happened to me more than once to take over websites whose owners were convinced that, simply by entering the desired keywords in the meta data keywords and description, one's site would have reached the highest peaks of Google. Wrong. First of all, you need to do a thorough study of keywords (I will tell you about this later), and secondly, you need to optimize your pages so that the titles, meta data and content, are consistent. You cannot even remotely hope to index a page for the keyword "used cars milan" if in the content this keyword never appears. A word about the description: it is what users see among the search results, so you have to make it interesting. Ok put in the main keyword and the secondary keyword, but let's do it in a smart way that is interesting and has logic. We want people to click on our link because they think they will find the information they are looking for, right?

3. Don't complicate life = Don't complicate the website

Avoid Flash. It has had its day, and the intended wow effect on the Web is long gone. Flash slows down the loading of the website and its content is not indexed. Instead, efforts should be made to present things in a simple way. Content. That's what needs to be offered. Then again, let's not try to invent new forms of navigation, menus placed where no one would ever go looking for them, broken links, pages under construction or coming soon...

4. Always post original content

Copying and pasting content taken elsewhere is like saying to Google, "hey! I have a website but I can't offer anything original!" - The results are as you would expect: bad. Originality is one of the main factors Google considers when ranking a site, and the first thing it does is compare its content with content that has already been discovered elsewhere. If a duplicate is found, the latest entrant pays the price. So the best thing to do is to write about what you know best, so that it happens naturally and spontaneously. If we just can't, take a cue from content published elsewhere, but rewrite the post in a way that makes it unique.

5. SEO with regularity, and a lot of patience

Operations SEO require three factors: competence, regularity and perseverance. Creating backlinks (the links from other sites pointing to ours) requires knowing how to do it. It is a technical matter and requires some familiarity, the best thing is NOT to improvise but to find some expert to whom you can outsource this task, varying the types of links created and dosing the quantities (one day comments on forums, one day social bookmarking, another day Angela & Paul links...). Regularity is the second important criterion: doing SEO for two months is not much use. You have to make sure that the creation of the backlink be constant, both because Google sees that interest in our website is constant (or growing) and because our competition will not sit idly by, and competition plays a key role here. Lastly, we need to be patient. Results sometimes take a long time to come, sometimes inexplicably, sometimes because of fierce competition, sometimes because of poor choices (but of which no one could have given us better guidance). In any case, one should never stop promotion in order to improve one's search engine positioning.

These 5 simple rules, if applied dutifully, definitely lead to excellent results, whether we are building a site intended for affiliations or for other purposes related to our Internet marketing strategies. After all, the best traffic has always been organic, that is, generated by spontaneous visitors who found us by doing a search.

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