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second edition 2023

How to create your own successful online course.

I have just published the second edition of my strategy guide, where you will find all the tools and guidance to create your own successful online course!

Discover new chapters devoted to Artificial Intelligence and the revolution it has brought to the world of education, through effective and powerful prompts that will help you work 5 times faster.

Available in eBook and Audiobook versions.

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Who is Valerio Fioretti

Unlike all the other consultants and coaches who aim to teach hobbyists or aspiring marketers, I offer specialized training and operational advice only to entrepreneurs who want to take full advantage of the incredible opportunities of web marketing and stay two steps ahead of their competitors.

This means getting only the help you really need, aimed at transferring the strategic web marketing activities you really need to your business - simply, quickly and directly - to be on top and get measurable results.

To certify my commitment and achievements, I was honored by a panel of high-profile Italian entrepreneurs, such as Best Corporate Marketing Consultant 2022.


Valerio Fioretti is the web marketing specialist for small and medium-sized enterprises. Bestselling author, speaker, consultant, trainer and marketing coach.

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